Wednesday 18 March 2015

1 Boy + 3 Skateboards + 1 Science Fair = Formula 4 Fun #StreamTeam @Netflix_CA

What happens when you take this boy, 

and ask him to do a science fair project? 

Well this of course!

Science is all around us, and in everything we see and do. 
Getting kids to see this and take an interest in science can sometimes be tricky, but if we show them the science in the things they are passionate about it becomes a much easier task. Luckily for me there's tonnes of science and math related to skateboarding. 

It is so important to get kids at a young age interested in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) subjects and for them to understand how they impact and affect our daily lives. It is vital information if one is to build a mini ramp in one's backyard. Just ask my son, who was required to research and help calculate the measurements, angles, slopes and materials required for the mini ramp seen in the photo above. These were the conditions to get his dad to agree to build it with him.

March is a perfect time to watch some of the many science related shows and documentaries and introduce your kids to the wonders of science. Below are just a few you'll find on Netflix Canada.

For the Little Kids:
Image via Netflix Canada

For the Bigger Kids:
Image via Netflix Canada

There's a lot of science in baking!
My hypothesis is this Cinnamon Bun Monkey Bread would not last long in my house! Before I can draw any conclusions I'll need to collect some data by appointing myself chief taster!  

Image & Recipe via Netflix & Meet the Dubiens

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  1. I love this post, Cathy! I agree with you, it is important to get kids to like the STEM subjects at school to keep so many doors of opps open for their futures, and to also just understand what's happening around them. My younger kids dig Sid the Science Kid and my eldest loves watching the Nova and Cosmos with us. Thank for sharing this post, Cathy! :)