Monday 20 April 2015

Little White Lies We Told Our Kids. @Netflix_CA #Streamteam #NowOnNetflixCA

Little white lies we told our kids...

Yo! Pinocchio your pants are on fire!

We can't be the only parents to tell an occasional "white lie" to navigate through the challenges of parenthood. We may have even told a few just for our own entertainment. Note: no children were (permanently) harmed in the making of our entertainment. We may even continue to refer to and build on these "lies" even though our kids are teens now. 

"You are aliens delivered in space pods as babies, and we are just your earth parents." (We may have cited the US Unaccompanied Alien Child Protection Act as proof of many alien kids living with earth parents.)

Our kids names start with the letters A and C. "There was a B brother but we gave him to the circus because he misbehaved." He still sends emails with updates on circus life. 

"We got tickets to the Opera!" They discussed the fancy clothes they'd wear for two weeks, only realizing once we reached the venue it was Monster Truck.

All kidding aside, the issue of honesty and telling lies can be a grey area, especially for young kids. It's not always clear if honesty is the best policy, so we focused on teaching ours critical thinking skills and gave them guidelines rather than absolutes.

  • You tell on someone to get them out of trouble not to get them into trouble, and although most times honesty is the best policy sometimes being completely honest can be hurtful.
  • Lying comes in many forms, intentional omission is a form of lying, and the motive for lying is important.
  • As parents the decision as to how much, what and how we share information is ours, and you may not always like our decisions. 
  • It is not acceptable to lie to avoid consequences, and the consequences for lying are often worse than the act lied about. 

Often the best way to teach our kids about honesty is through a story, and Netflix has shows and movies that can help do that regardless of your child's age.

For the Little Ones:
For the Bigger Ones:
Just Go With It
Liar, Liar
Pretty Little Liars: Season 1 Episode 12

I think you'll particularly enjoy the new Netflix Original Bloodline ... no word of a lie!

Happy Streaming! 

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about Netflix Streamteam.

Note: I receive Netflix and a streaming device free of charge for the purpose of my Netflix Streamteam reviews and posts. All opinions are my own.

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