Sunday 30 October 2016

Word Association: Pre and Post Test Driving the #FordFlex @FordCanada

Driver Start Your Engine!

(Sorry, but it just had to be said)

First a little bit about me ...
A very long time ago my husband made the mistake of questioning something I did, and informed me he was in charge of all things mechanical. From that point on, in my mind almost everything became "mechanical". I have no desire to know or learn what each button or setting in the vehicle I drive does ... that's "mechanical" and therefore does not fall under my realm of responsibility. Although I'm fully capable of learning how to reset the time on the microwave after a power outage, or sync my phone to the Bluetooth in my van, I choose to remain non-"mechanical". As luck would have it, possessing the non-"mechanical" trait made me uniquely qualified to test drive the Ford Flex, because, if I can figure it out anyone can, and User Friendly makes for Friendly Users. 

A Pre-Test Drive Game of Word Association:

What does this manly-man "Built Ford Tough" truck have to offer me? And why should a smart, strong, independent, but non-"mechanical" girlie-girlie think twice before dismissing the Ford Flex? Turns out there were a lot more reasons than I thought. 

Here's what I discovered driving the Ford Flex, and few of my favourite features:
(If you're looking for a list of specs and auto-talk, I'm not your wo-man. I deal in impressions. (see link at end of post for all the spec-tacular info).

1) Voice Activated - Touch Screen Navigation System*:  This is one of my favourite features! I love that I didn't have to stop the vehicle or take my eyes off the road to use the navigation system. As a women who's spent years driving alone at night or with kids, it's always made me nervous stopping at the side of the road, or in an empty parking lot to set the GPS. I'm also a fan of the large touch screen display! It's very user-friendly, which is a must for "non-mechanicals" like me. 

2) SYNC3* and SYNC With MyFord: Again this was SO easy to use, and no reinforcements were called to sync my phone to the Flex's Bluetooth. My biggest issue was getting my evil offspring to "Back Away From the Display!" It was worse than the TV remote! By the end of the week we managed to seamlessly sync and un-sync an iPhone, Blackberry and Android phone. I'm also a fan of the in-console USB ports which allow for charging devices, while keeping them out of sight of potential thieves, or anyone who might be tempted to text and drive. 

3) Power Fold 3rd Row Seats*: This makes it so easy to stow and go with the push of a button. Although not officially listed as an entertainment option, in my opinion pushing the button and watching the seats stow and un-stow is very entertaining. I'm a bit embarrassed to share exactly how many times I pushed the buttons, but let's just say more than you can count on two hands. 

4) Climate Control with Heated and Cooled Front Seats*: I became an instant fan of this feature, since I test drove the Flex during a summer heat wave. Nothing worse than burning hot leather seats in the summer, and nothing better than cooled temperature controlled seats!  

5) BLIS* (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross Traffic Alert: I've driven a van for more than 15 years, and one of my biggest issues with a big vehicle is visibility and blind spots. This safety feature is fabulous, and although I have no statistics, I believe it must result in fewer collisions and save lives. Kudos to Ford for continuing to develop technologies like BLIS and second-row Outboard Inflatable Seat Belts. 

6) Multi-Panel Vista Roof*: If I'm honest I don't really give much thought to the evil offspring sitting behind me, but I must say the multiple sun roof option is rather wonderful. Clearly Ford and I differ on this matter, since the design and features in the Flex demonstrate they, unlike myself, have given much thought to the comfort of those in the second row.

Other note-worthy available* options ...

(Note: * available options mentioned may have additional costs associated with them)

A Post-Test Drive Game of Word Association:

This experience reminded me not to make assumptions ... because we all know what happens when we do that. If asked "Have you driven a Ford lately?" I would answer Yes! and enjoyed even minute of it. 

For more information about the Ford Flex Specs, Options and Features please visit: And be sure to check out Ford Canada on twitter and facebook

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about the Ford Flex.

Disclosure: I received the use of a 2016 Ford Flex from Ford Canada for the purposes of this post. All opinions are my own. I would like to thank the staff at Ford Canada (and Melissa) for making this such a pleasant experience. I found Ford to be not just user-friendly, but also service-friendly! 

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