Tuesday 13 June 2017

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Ain't Nothin' more Canadian than Hockey, Eh!

Disclosure: I was invited as media to a guided tour of the #HockeyExhibit at the Canadian Museum of History free of  charge.

The Canadian Museum of History has pulled together a wonderful #HockeyExhibit that celebrates and highlights the tradition and history of Hockey in Canada. And it seems like a perfect outing to kickoff your celebration of Canada's 150th Birthday

The pictures below give you a small sampling of the interesting items you'll find on display in this exhibit. You'll also find all sorts of fan paraphernalia, artifacts, art, video and images, including several player contracts dating back to 1949. The Hockey Exhibit has interactive and multi-media components that make it fun regardless of where you sit on the hockey fan-dom scale. 

Hockey Fan-dom Scale:

  • 0-3 FAN-potential: You know nothing about hockey. You're not sure what off-side or icing means. You watch the play-off games, but usually because someone else has control of the remote. I'm sure after seeing the #HockeyExhibit you'll be at least FAN-like.
  • 4-8 FAN-like: You like hockey, and watch hockey on occasion. You would not say no to free tickets. You may be like me and your interest in hockey started when you were forced to learn what equipment goes where and how when your kids started to play hockey. You have fan potential. You know a bit but you're not an expert. After seeing the #HockeyExhibit you'll know enough to be considered a full fledged FAN. Grab yourself some cool hockey para-fan-alia at the gift shop on the way out so you look like a true fan. 
  • 9-10 FAN: You're a fan. You love the game. You definitely watch and track your favourite team and the current season. You own at least one team Jersey and wear when going to a game, or while watching games at home. You might even wear it out and about on game days. Just add a few bits of para-fan-alia, and share some of the cool facts you learn at the #HockeyExhibit and you're well on your way to being a Super-FAN.
  • 10+ Super-FAN: You're an extreme hockey fan! You live for hockey, it's the ONLY sport worth watching. You can quote hockey stats going back at least 10 years. You have a large collection of hockey jerseys (both home and away game Jerseys) and para-fan-alia (which you may have a separate shrine room where you display it). You wear your team jersey and or colours on every game day. You own at least one pair of hockey pyjamas and slippers. You plan vacations (and maybe your honeymoon) around the playoffs. You've probably painted your face in your team colours at least once (a season). You are indeed CRAZY ... about hockey. So clearly the #HockeyExhibit is a must see, if only to say "I knew that" at each display.

You can tour the #HockeyExhibit at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau Quebec (Ottawa), but only until October 9th, 2017. So I suggest you get a move on!

He shots! ... He scores!

Then ... 
You'll find many artifacts to help you see and understand (and maybe reminisce) the history of hockey in Canada. Even if you're not a hockey buff, you're sure to enjoy seeing the variety of player, team, and hockey related items on display. Everything from cereal to soup cans demonstrate the degree hockey has impacted the Canadian culture. 

Now ...
There will always be Canadian kids hoping to follow in the footsteps of Canadian hockey greats. And we have so many greats, and have always had so much hockey talent for our youth (both male and female) to look to for inspiration.  

These darlings belong to my friend who blogs at ReeseSpeaks Blog
Be sure to check out what the VP's had to say about their visit to the Hockey Exhibit.

And just because it's fun ...
Again you really don't need to be a big hockey fan to enjoy the varied and fun items and artifacts on display in the #HockeyExhibit. 

You can learn more at the Canadian Museum of History website, or follow them on twitter, facebook or instagram. And if you're looking for a fun hockey souvenir or para-fan-alia the Museum Gift Shop has a fun collection of hockey related items at all price points. 

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about the #HockeyExhibit at the Canadian Museum of History. 

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