Wednesday 12 July 2017

Destination: Gananoque Leaping Muskie #GoFurther150 #Ad @FordCanada

Set the Nav System to Gananoque, Ontario because 

we're on a mission to find a Giant Leaping Muskie 

Disclosure: I received the use of a F150 King Ranch for a week and compensation from 
Ford Canada to cover my #GoFurther150 Adventure expenses. All opinions are my own. 

Note: Some available options mentioned are not standard and may have additional costs associated with them.

Our Fish Tale:
This is a tail tale of a Mother and her son's (aka Thing 1) quest to locate the giant leaping Muskie in Gananoque, Ontario. Initially I tried to "lure" both my "Things" into joining me, but due to school obligations our "reel" fishing expert wasn't able to join us, thereby eliminating the "I call shot gun" battle and allowing for a long overdue one-on-one adventure with my eldest. For the first time in a long while we had the opportunity to "reel-ax" and spend the day together travelling in what can only be described as the most luxurious of Fish Finders ... the Ford 150 King Ranch. The F150 seemed like the perfect fit to mark Canada's 150th with a #GoFurther150 adventure to Gananoque, where as it turns out Hubby and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary 24 years ago. 

And so the adventure begins ...
I probably shouldn't fish and tell ... Ha! Who am I kidding I'm totally going to fish and tell about my #GoFurther150 Adventure. I made sure to have all the essentials; snacks, beverages, a picnic lunch, Thing 1, and a sunny (HOT!) day. Don't be "spooled" into thinking because the 2017 Ford  F150 King Ranch is a pickup truck, it doesn't have all the features, options and luxury you'll need to "tackle" all of life's adventures. We set the Sirius XM Radio to "stream" 80's tunes on the Sony sound system, we paired our phones almost instantly (SYNC Connect), and set our destination on the voice activated Nav System (SYNC3). I said "driver start your engine" and with the push of a button we were off. 

Good things come to those who wade ...
For the next the next two hours I lectured Thing 1 about life, we argue over what music to listen to, shared fish puns, and enjoy each other's company. While I drove, Thing 1 took command of the Duel-Zone Temperature Controls (DEATC) and the seat cooler settings. Yes! I said seat coolers. You know that wonderful feeling of having heated seats in the freezing Canadian winters, well it's like that, only cooled seats in the hot Canadian summers. Before we knew it we were in "the strike zone", and we had found our fish! This giant leaping Muskie statue pays tribute to the record breaking 69 lb Muskie H.A. "Dooley" McCarney caught in the waters near Gananoque.

Pickup Picnic ...
We "de-baited" over having fish & chips for lunch, but in the end opted to keep it "reel" and set out to find a shady place near the shore for a pickup picnic. This proved more challenging than anticipated, and I for one was very happy for the Reverse Sensing System to help maneuver this large vehicle into the only shaded spot available. The "side steppy-things" gave me a step up (literally) into the cargo bed, where we spread a picnic blanket, and shared lunch and more of our "finniest" fish puns (This too shall cast. Lure the best! Just for the Halibut.) 
What? If you think you cod do better? ... Let minnow. 

A drive around town ...
After finding our Muskie, a walk-about along the shore, and a picnic lunch, we decided to drive around town for a bit. First I showed Thing 1 where his dad and I stayed 24 years earlier, then we drove around making random turns onto any street that looked interesting. We realized Gananoque has some of the quaintest homes, and spent an hour driving up and down streets looking at houses. For those looking for more adventure than our lazy day road trip, I think you'll find Gananoque and the 1000 Islands area offers "some-fin" fun for everyone. We finished our visit with a quick stop to take pictures of the Gananoque sign before heading home via the scenic route. 

The scenic route ...
We took the scenic route home. I can't say enough about the Driver Assist features such as Adaptive Cruise Control, BLIS (Blind Spot Information System), Lane Keeping System, and Cross Traffic Alert. Not to mention the voice activated Nav System, and converting incoming text messages to audio messages that SYNC 3 and SYNC Connect make possible. They are more than just convenient, they make driving safer for you, your passengers, and others on the road. Another of my favourite features is the KM to empty display on the productivity screen, especially when travelling off the beaten path.  

Random thoughts (out loud) ...
There are a few innovative or just plain fabulous features that deserve honourable mentions.

  • Seat and Back Massage ... need I say more? I think not.
  • Inflatable Seat Belts: an innovative safety feature in the rear seats to help reduce injury by spreading the force over a larger area, thereby reducing the pressure on the chest, and helping to control head and neck motion in the event of collision. 
  • Multiple USB charging ports AND 110-volt/400-watt conventional AC plug-in outlet: convenience gone wild!
  • Motorized seats: these are a must when you have multiple drivers using a single vehicle, and would be a deal breaker or maker for me when buying a vehicle. 
  • Eco-Boost with Auto Stop-Star Technology reduces your fuel consumption and reduces your carbon footprint. I think we can all agree that is a WIN-WIN.
  • SYNC Connect - reads out my text messages! Yes I think this is worthy of a second mention. It takes away the temptation to text and drive, by relaying text messages without the need to take your eyes off the road.
  • Cool Giant Fish Magnet: because I can. 

And just for fun, it's time to see if you "reel-y" know your Fish Facts:
1) Which of the following are actual fishing terms?
a) walk the dog
b) bump the stump
c) riprap
d) poke the monkey
e) a, b, c, but not d
2) Muskie (Muskellunge) is the largest member of the ____ family?
3) Pro-cast-inating:
a) refers to the act of casting the lead for a Broadway show.
b) is someone who has achieved pro castinator status by way of multiple casts due to broken bones.
c) the act of delaying or postponing that which you should be doing, in order to do that which you want to do ... Go Fishing.

(Answers: 1) e, 2) Pike, 3) c)

You can find more information on the F150 King Ranch on Ford Canada's website, and to stay in-the-know follow them on twitter, facebook and instagram. Mine was but one of many #GoFurther150 Adventures. To see more follow the #GoFurther150 hashtag on social media. 

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about my "reel-ly" great Leaping Muskie Adventure.

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  1. I'm still chuckling! Great post, Cathy! Love your puns...and how did I not know about the giant muskie? I had NO idea this existed here! And oh...that F150 King Ranch is spectacular!!