Thursday 10 October 2013

A Few Notes from #BlissdomCA 2013

  • Hugs from Lisa at registration make all things better. Hugs and swag makes all things great!
  • I want to have a convertible Camaro and I will not be sharing with the kids!
  • It is hard to resist the urge to take a nap on the Sleep Country TempurPedic bed in the lobby!
  • The staff at the Delta Meadowvale are the BEST! 
  • I am not very photogenic.
  • Don't tweet in anger.
  • The really good and the really bad tends to stick around in your digital legacy.
  • In Ethics intentions matter.
  • Facial recognition software is scary.
  • Never reply to anything negative. Use that energy for good instead.
  • I stand for "Inform, Share, and Link".
  • Look for a good blend rather than balance.
  • Genutax is free and good!
  • Buy your domain name.
  • Brands have many resources to help you achieve your social good goals.
  • I need some cool pyjamas.
  • I want a Microsoft Surface.
  • Curried Lentils are delish! 
Yep, just my Cathy thinking (and reflecting) out loud about BlissdomCA 2013.


  1. Fun list! I want a Surface as well :)

    1. So fun I could waste days doodling on a Surface!

  2. So great to finally meet you in person! :)

    1. It really was Karina! You had me LMAO! You are too much fun!