Thursday 31 October 2013


Do you ever sit there and read or hear something that just makes you fume. It is when you wish the television allowed for two way conversation. You are yelling don't listen to this nonsense to a TV audience that you know can't hear you and probably wouldn't listen if they could. I think this will have to be a series of posts, and will limit myself to a maximum of four this time around. LOL. I am sure at this point you are wondering what I am going on about. Here is an example of what I mean:

Yet one more TV news report about organics foods not being any more nutritious than the non-organic products. NEW FLASH! Organic is about not having toxic chemicals used on the food you eat. If by chance they turn out to be more nutritious that is a bonus. It means not only will the food you eat not kill you, it might be healthy for you as well. If a carrot is a carrot then I would like mine without a side of toxic chemicals please. SO IF YOU ARE GOING TO REPORT ON THE PROS AND CONS OF SOMETHING, DO YOUR RESEARCH AND DO NOT COMPARE APPLES TO ORANGES, ORGANIC OR NOT!

Another example is the regular reporting of links between sugar and hyperactivity and, that ADHD can be treated by eliminating sugar. One study from the 1970's is quoted over and over again as proof, even though this theory has been tested and retested and studies failed to prove that sugar causes hyperactivity. Further more the symptoms we associate with ADHD, are similar to those of many other health issues. There is so much good research and studies about ADHD, and so many health issues, why not use those! REPORT ON HOW STATISTICS AND STUDIES OUT OF CONTEXT AND STUDIES WITH POOR METHODOLOGY MISREPRESENT INFORMATION AND IMPACT PUBLIC OPINION. REPORT ON WHY THIS MAKES RESPONSIBILITY IN REPORTING SO IMPORTANT!

Another thing that makes me want to scream is the myth that the women's movement is over and we are equal now. The belief that maybe there are still issues in other countries, but not in Canada. Feminism is not a bad word and it is a myth that we have achieved equality. There are many women who went before us and sacrificed and paved the way for whatever progress we have made. Without their efforts we would not be "persons" or have the vote, to name a few. If it was true and we no longer need to carry on the fight, then women in politics would not be judged differently then men, and their appearance would never be more important than their policies. LISTEN UP LADIES; IT IS OUR JOB TO REMEMBER AND RESPECT THOSE BEFORE US, AND CONTINUE TO PUSH FOR CHANGE SO THAT THOSE WHO FOLLOW WILL HAVE FAIR TREATMENT AND EQUALITY.

And finally, when credit is not given. Today I watched a show talking about the newly established National Cord Blood Donation Bank. I know this a wonderful thing, I really do, but the new part is the National part. Starting in 1996 a Alberta public donation bank was established. I know because I was this first person from the hospital I delivered my son at to donate my cord blood which had to be shipped to Alberta. In 1997 Ontario opened a public donation bank. So from 1996 until the present women have been donating cord blood. I am not referring to banking for ones private use, I a referring to donating to a public bank. Many of us did not hear about this through doctors, we heard of this by word of mouth from woman to woman. In fact the doctor who delivered my son was actually arguing with me 3 minutes post delivery why I was bothering to donate the cord blood. (Jerk!) It would be nice if the women who have put in the effort to arranged to donate, and share the information with others and care providers since 1996 had been acknowledged. These women did this despite the fact that it involved considerable work, before the ease of the Internet, while pregnant and just after delivering a baby. IT ONLY TAKES A MOMENT TO GIVE CREDIT, AND SUCH A LITTLE THING WARMS PEOPLE TO THE CORE AND ENCOURAGES FURTHER SOCIAL INVOLVEMENT AND VOLUNTEERISM.

Okay, there I am done my rant (for now).

Yep, just Cathy thinking out loud about things that drive me crazy.