Sunday 4 May 2014

Summer School Cramps My Style!

There I said it. I am not anti-education, unless if interferes with my summer plans, or more importantly my desire to have a lack thereof! I'll be angry if my kids end up in summer school, and it is looking like a distinct possibility for both of them! Don't they care about me? I like summer to be less scheduled and relaxed. I can write and post to Cathy Thinking Out Loud  while on the road, or visiting family, but summer school is in class everyday for the entire month of July! We always like to go on a family road trip in the summer which takes at least a week if you include travel days. Visiting family that live out of town is a must. We ignore them the whole year because of school work, and projects, and the visits we do make are short and rushed. That takes another week plus two travel days. 

Not surprisingly the kids have plans of their own with friends, and things they want to do on their summer break. I haven't even started in about the 40 volunteer hours one of them has yet to do, and 40 hours of in class and road instruction for driver's ed. We have now burned through six of the eight weeks of summer vacation, and what happens if they get a job? At least they no longer go to camps, or quite literally there would be no summer left!

We only have a couple more years before my kids venture off to university, college or jobs. Once that happens things are never quite the same. Oh, we might go on vacation together, or they might come back for the summers while in school, but that carefree feel of long summers, where we can be unscheduled and spontaneous will be gone. I am not ready for that, and really do not appreciate summer school spoiling it for me. Personally, I think my kids will just have to kick it up a notch at school during the school year, so is summer school is not required, and it stops cramping my style! 

What is your summer style? Scheduled and action packed, or relaxed and spontaneous?

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about my summer style!

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  1. A combination of all your mentioned styles! We love doing fun things, exploring and relaxing! Summer is our happy place! :D