Sunday 21 September 2014

Repurpose Return Envelopes for #School FieldTrip Authorizations & Payments. #Recycle #GreenIdeas

Repurpose all those return envelopes for bills, charitable donation requests, credit card offers you get in the mail.

We all get them, no matter how hard we try to stop or limit them from reaching our mailboxes; the return envelope for bills, charitable donation requests, credit card offers. I'm always trying to think of ways to reuse or repurpose items instead of, or before recycling them.
These used to go straight in the recycle bin, but then I started using them to sent authorization forms, order forms and payments for school field trips, and pizza days to teachers instead of a new envelope or ziploc bag. 

Okay maybe they're not as pretty as a new envelope, but they do the job of keeping payments and authorization forms together, information private, and make it easy for the kids to hand to their teachers. If you need pretty try using a pink marker instead.

They reduce the use of new paper envelopes or ziploc bags, save money, serve a purpose before the teacher recycles the paper, and are better for the environment. 

BONUS: It's a great way to teach your kids by example how easy it is to be green by Reusing, Reducing and Recycling.

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Do you have ideas about being green? 
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Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about being green.

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