Thursday 24 March 2016

LEGO of My #Bionicle! @Netflix_CA #StreamTeam

Thing 1 started building Lego sets using the picture instructions or "map" as he called them long before he could read. 

I swear it seems like I gave birth to Thing 1 with a piece of LEGO in his hand. Fifteen years ago, LEGO released a line called "Bionicle" and for the next decade it became part of Thing 1's and therefore my daily life and focus. 

Over a 10 year period we would accumulate a VERY large collection of Bionicle LEGO sets, books, 4 movies, Nintendo DS games, Nintendo Gamecube games, posters... 

Doesn't every parent spend hours making shields and swords to complete their kid's LEGO Knight costume? Hmm ... Thing 1 insisted they all do.

Well it had been many years since I watched my son build a Bionicle until this arrived ...

My normally generous and loving son flat out refused to let his younger cousins have this. In fact he has been asking for it, well more like threatening to steal it and run for days now. Today I finally gave in and let him have it. 

Exciting News! You can now stream a new Netflix Original series called Bionicle: The Journey to One (season 1). The series which is a retelling of the original Bionicle story, follows LEGO's re-release of it's Bionicle line. Our resident Bionicle Expert gives the Bionicle series 2 thumbs up.

But that's not all! For all you LEGO fans Netflix has a great collection of other LEGO movies and series including another Netflix Original series LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship (season 1).

Be sure to check out these other LEGO titles currently available to stream on Netflix:
  • LEGO: Batman the Movie
  • LEGO: DC Comics Super Heroes - MISSION BLUE
  • LEGO: Marvel - Maximum Overload
  • LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers
  • LEGO: Lego City
  • LEGO: Elves
  • LEGO: Ninjago - Masters of Spinjitzu (3 seasons)
  • LEGO: Ninjago - King of the Shadows
  • LEGO: Legends of Chima (2 seasons)

You can follow along on all the StreamTeam adventures using the #Streamteam hashtag. And for Netflix Canada updates follow along on twitter.

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about Lego.

Note: As a member of the Netflix StreamTeam I receive Netflix and a streaming device free of charge for the purposes of my Netflix Streamteam posts. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Our little guy is into LEGO too & I imagine he'll be into all those eventually as well. I love how they make shows out of them & so does the little one.

    Great post Cathy :)