Tuesday 28 January 2014

Grow Your #Vocabulary: This post has been brought to you by the Letter C

Three sets of similar words commonly misused and confused.

Compliment: An expression of praise, admiration, or congratulation via The Free Dictionary
Complement: Something that completes, makes up a whole. via The Free Dictionary

Council: An assembly of persons called together for consultation, deliberation or discussion. A body of people elected or appointed to serve as administrators, legislators or advisors. via The Free Dictionary
Counsel: The act of exchanging opinions, and ideas; consultation. Advice or guidance, especially as solicited from a knowledgeable person. via The Free Dictionary

Capital: A town or city that is the official seat of government in a political entity, such as a state or nation, via The Free Dictionary
Capitol: A building or complex of buildings in which a state legislature meets. via The Free Dictionary

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about the letter "C"


  1. You didn't display definitions for either Cathy or Catherine - fabulous, fearless, mighty, strong, and I could go on. :-)

    1. I will get us next time through the alphabet. I agree HUGE oversight on my part!

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