Tuesday 28 January 2014

Easy to Make Kids ID & #EmergencyContact Cards #familytravel #travel

Easy to Make ID and Emergency Contact Information Cards Perfect for When You're Travelling with Children. 

My kids are seasoned travellers with countless flights and road trips under their belts. They've been on dozens of flights to Florida, a trip to Italy, and countless road trips including Washington DC, Boston, Myrtle Beach, and around Canada.

For each of these trips I made my kids Emergency Contact and Information Cards. 

The first type I create is wallet size and for my kids to carry. 
It's especially important if  your child is too young to know or remember the resort or hotel information, emergency contact numbers, or if the destination's spoken language is different than that of your child's. 

The second type I make is for myself and other adults so in an emergency situation important information can be quickly and easily accessed.
I also liked to give these cards to the kids grandparents, or supervising adults during times my kids were travelling without me, especially if destination was unfamiliar to my kids.

TIP: Always grab a handful of extra airline luggage tags. 

Whether you're at a theme park, in a shopping mall, or just out and about on vacation these are perfect to attach resort and emergency contact information to a child's belt loop, or wrist.

TIP: Inexpensive luggage tag laminating kits are perfect to make kids ID cards.

 Using an ink pad, and the same laminating packs I also make information cards that I carry with me with important information that might be difficult to easily access away from home. Lets hope you never need to use these cards, but I like the piece of mind they give me when I'm travelling with kids.

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Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about travelling with kids.


  1. This is awesome Cathy! I am so terrified of travelling with my kids and worried something will get lost. Love the travel info because under pressure or if they become lost I know my kids will not remember important info like this!