Wednesday 6 September 2017

DIY Family Streaming Planner = Consensus #Streamteam #Ad @Netflix_CA

Strategies for ending Streaming Selection Squabbles and Bringing 

Calm and Consensus to Family Movie Night negotiations.

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I think most of us have had the following experience: You lovingly plan a Family Movie Night, with visions of family harmony and bliss. In reality the kids argue over what to watch, frustrated you lay down the law and make the decision, at which point the kids stomp off and refusing to participate. This is followed by you watching a movie alone, while eating the snacks you prepared in quantities large enough to serve a family of four. In my opinion the key to avoiding this type of solo-streaming is managing expectations: by putting into place mechanisms to for everyone to have input into the decision making process, and clear rules and guidelines beforehand. An easy way to do this is by using my easy to make DIY Family Streaming Planner (FSP). My DIY FSP will take you no time to make and cost almost nothing. I used recycled paper, 3 mason jars, and a notebook. 

The FSP Users Manual: 
Start by putting in writing some basic non-negotiable rules and guidelines, which should be kept in your FSP for quick and easy reference. Make sure everyone reads, understands, and signs to acknowledge the rules and guidelines. This single action will save you hours of conflict resolution, frustration, and set the expectations for participation. 

Rules and Guidelines...
1) Movie and show suggestions must be approved by FSP administrators (aka parents).
2) A different family member will randomly pick from each category. For example: if Thing 2 picks the movie, he can not pick the snack. 
3) The family member randomly picking the snack, movie or show rotates. For example: if Thing 1 picks the movie this week, next week the next person on the list picks that category. Weekday show negotiations can be resolved in the same manner, and the reason for the "Show Jar"
4) All family members agree to accept the randomly picked snack, movie or show, and may not opt out because they don't like the snack, movie, or show selected.
5) If a situation arises where a selected snack cannot be provided, administrators (aka parents) may substitute, or pull another snack selection. For example: missing ingredients, or time doesn't allow for a given snack. Idea: Select the snack the week prior so there is time to purchase snack ingredients during the weekly grocery shopping. I don't suggest doing this with the movie or show selections, since it will give the kids time to figure out how to wiggle out of participation if they don't like the selection, or argue over the selection. 

Snacks, Movies, Shows.
To start pre-select 10 snacks, movies and shows, write them on small slips of paper, fold, and place in the jars. Going forward each family member can add up to 1 new movie and show suggestion per week. Snacks stay constant to ensure availability of ingredients, and preparation is easy, but a quarterly review of snack options might make sense.

A peek at what's in our jars ...
Nine Lives (2016, PG, Family-Comedy)
Here Comes the Boom (2012, PG, Comedy)
Enchanted (2007, G, Comedy - Fantasy)
Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005, G, Comedy - Animated)
Bindi's Bootcamp (2012, TV-G, 1 season, Reality-Adventure)
Merlin (2017, TV-PG, 5 seasons, Fantasy)
Roswell (2001, PG, 3 seasons, Sci-Fi - Teen)
Drop Dead Diva (2014, PG, 6 seasons, Comedy)
1 Minute Microwave Nachos (Top nacho chips with cheese, salsa, and your other favourite toppings. Microwave on high for 1 minute)
Pizza Bites (Pizza cut into bite size pieces, served with a variety of dips)
Mini Pancakes or French Toast Fingers (Idea: Add the syrup to the batter so they are mess-free (ish) and easy to eat)
Hummus & Crackers or Nacho Chips or Sliced French Stick

Still need help avoiding Solo-Streaming?
Assuming of course you don't want to Solo-Stream, because there are definitely times when you do, then the tips below may help to reach your streaming goals, and hone your persuasion skills. And who knows, maybe Chef's Table will provide you with some inspired snack ideas for your family to nibble on while sharing a movie, or episode of your favourite show. I know I like it better when we stream together ... sometimes.  

Do tell ... how do you settle streaming selection squabbles? 

Yep,  just me Cathy thinking our loud about the power of persuasion and peaceful streaming selection negotiations. 

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