Wednesday 30 November 2016

Letter from Cathy of Now to the Cathy of Then @Netflix_CA #Streamteam

Hindsight is 20-20.

In that case what would I tell my younger self about life and what it is to be a woman? What bits of wisdom and advice would I share with Cathy of the Then, and would she listen and take that advice? Probably not. Some things need to be experienced to understand and grow, and all those life experiences have made me into the person I am now. 

But if I was to write to the Cathy of the Then this is what I would share:

I Am Woman! Women are diverse and there is no single example of what a successful woman looks like, but instead many examples of diverse, strong, independent women and role models. Real women come in many shapes and sizes, with real issues, daily challenges, successes and strengths and weakness. I've listed some of my favourite series on Netflix that showcase some examples of strong female leads or characters. They are sure to at times make you think, laugh, cry, cheer, and redefine what being a women means. In my opinion as a woman it is my duty to teach my sons what a real woman looks like, and to share this message with younger women and support all my fellow women. Because in the words of Helen Reddy: If we have to we can face anything, we are strong, we are invincible, we are women. 

The Crown

Jessica Jones 

Gilmore Girls

Don't stop there! Be sure to check out my What to Watch post and these documentaries about women. These are definitely worth watching! 

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Thursday 3 November 2016

With 40+ Options @THEWORKSKANATA - Burger Lover's Paradise #Ottawa

The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro:

Burger Bliss Works for Me! 

I've been enjoying The Works burgers with my friends and family for more than a dozen years. It all started with a March Break lunch adventure with my Husband and the kids. Although my kids are taller, and have bigger appetites the fun atmosphere and constant demand for Oreo milkshakes that started on that first visit remains the same today.  

As soon as you enter the construction site themed restaurant, you notice the pun filled signage. The menu provides more pun and mischief in the burger names and description. Drinks are served in measuring cups, and onion rings are built into high-rise towers-of-tasty. 

The Works Menu is impressive with over 40+ burger options, 60+ toppings, 9 different gourmet patties, and 4 types of buns to choose from, The Works has something for everyone. A "side" from the gourmet burger options hand cut fries, sweet potato fries or spicy die-cut chips are the perfect "side"-kick for your burger. Get it ... side - side-kick ... I'm such a punny girl. You'll be thankful I've managed to control myself from sharing my a-bun-dance of  "buns" puns. Given the difficulty factor related to resisting cheeky and fresh comments about The Works buns, it's not surprising I'm bare-ly managing. Nonetheless, someone really should "patty" me on the back for this outstanding display of restraint. 

It's all about me (like duh!), so of course you'll want to know my burger of choice: 

  • The Tom Green, formally known as the Sparty Cat - Notice the Bacon and Avocado with Beachhouse Sauce! I have only three words for this: So Friggin' Good!
  • Son of a Beech, formally known as the MEC - Is fashionably dressed in sundried tomatoes, feta, avocado and Beachhouse Sauce. 
  • Gotta Be KD Burger - I feel no explanation is needed here.

Savoury Sidekicks and Other Delicious Options ... 

  • Tower-O-Rings - Thing 1 is the King of Rings. 
  • Die Cut Chips - My side of choice. 
  • Spicy Hand Cut Fries - A favourite of Hubby and Thing 2. 
  • Sweet Potato Fries - Not gonna lie - these are good! 
  • Oreo Milkshakes - They have been a big hit with my kids for years!

Gluten-Free Options ...
The Works offers a plethora of gluten-free options from bun to toppings, so you're sure to find something delicious that "works" for you.

Living Local: 
The Works is Canadian owned and operated. Over the years I've seen many examples of  The Works sourcing local, serving and promoting Canadian products, and being active members of the communities they're located in. This is not just something I like, it's something I actually look for when parting with my hard earned dollars. I will always opt to give my business to those brands and companies that aim to build relationships rather than a quick sale. You'll find a long list of charities and community events The Works has been, and continues to be involved with, including the local Ottawa locations supporting my school fund raising efforts on many occasions over the years. Burgers taste better when they're from businesses who care about and are involved in their communities. Maybe that's the secret ingredient that makes The Works burgers taste extra special. 

Because I love the colour green ... The recyclable bags and takeout containers are just another reason why I not only like The Works burgers, but also the way they do business. 

Burgers with Benefits Loyalty ProgramA new loyalty program has just launched at The Works that is sure to whet your appetite. Click on the link above for more details. 

T'is the Season: Sure it's better to give than received but giving and receiving at the same time is better still. The Works Give a Gift - Get a Gift - Gift Card Promotion is an in-store only promotion that runs during the of November and December 2016. For more details visit The Works near you.

Get Social with The Works Kanata on facebook, twitter and instagram.

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about an a-bun-dance of burger options. 

Disclosure: I received Burgers for Two for the purposes of this post. All opinions are my own. 

Gift the Lampe - Feel the Ripple! The #LampeBergerCanada Ripple Effect @LampeBerger_CAN

Create Your Own Ripple Effect by Gifting Lampe Berger

You gift a Lampe Berger lamp: it purifies the air and destroys undesirable odours for the person receiving it, which improves their sleep, which improves their mood, which improves their work experience and overall feeling of well being. This results in an invitation to their house, where you breathe fresh air and diffused fragrance, which makes you happy and improves your mood, and so continues the ripple effect. All this because you were thoughtful enough to give the gift of fresh purified air and diffused fragrance in a beautiful lamp.

Oct 27th ... this year's first snow fall. We didn't even make it until Halloween, before we hit the cold weather lock down. The first snow is always a jarring reminder Christmas is around the corner. Only two months to get the holiday shopping done. And two months of stale air and odours trapped in our homes as a result of tightly closed windows and the cold weather lock down. Lampe Berger provides a single solution to both of these problems. 

No sprays, open flames or windows required with Lampe Berger's lamps. Instead a process called diffusion by catalyse purifies the air, eliminates undesirable odours and diffuses long last fragrance.

We should start a movement: Lampe Berger it Forward. Just think of it: All around waves of people paying the Lampe Berger positive feeling forward, and causing ripple after ripple of positive energy, purified air and feel good fragrance diffusion. And just in time for the holiday season Lampe Berger Canada has made the gift of purified fresh air easy with the beautiful new lamp designs, fragrances and gift sets. Looking for a special gift for that hard to buy for person, a colleague or a hostess gift? Gift sets like the Satin Lamp box set, which includes either a White or Red Catalytic Lamp and 180 ml bottle of Orange Cinnamon fragrance make it easy. This design is understated elegance perfect with any decor or for any room. It's the perfect pairing of form and function.

It's better to give than receive, but ... in this case the Lampe Berger ripple effect makes it a bit like having your cake and eating it too, and the perfect gift to give or receive. 

Gift the Lampe, Feel the Ripple! 

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about the ripple effect of gifting Lampe Berger.

Disclosure: I received product free of charge for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own.