Friday 3 November 2017

Spice up #MovieNight with #Bollywood movies & @TajOttawa Takeout (#Ad) #TajOttawa

Pairing your favourite Bollywood movie with the taste of India, 

is the perfect way to spice up Movie Night. 

Disclosure: Although I have worked with Taj Indian Cuisine in the past in exchange for a delicious meal, 
I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own. 

In our house Friday night is Movie Night. For years it meant the whole family gathered to eat pizza and watch a movie. My kids are adults now, and more often than not it's just my Hubby and me, so I suppose now it could be called Date Night. I love our Friday Movie Night tradition, but after almost 2 decades of Friday night pizza I'm  ready to mix it up a bit, both in our cuisine and movie choices. So I'm spicing things up with Taj Indian Cuisine take-out (or delivery) and a couple Bollywood movies. 

My Taj Takeout Movie Night favourites:
Vegetable Samosas (a perfect way to start any taste of India dining and movie adventure)
North Indian Salad (a fresh salad made with tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions)
Butter Chicken (because you can never go wrong with Butter Chicken)
Chicken Korma (chicken with herbs and nuts in a delicious creamy sauce)
Alu Matar (Potatoes and peas in curry sauce)
Basmati Rice (Indu's personal recipe)
and of course lots of their #naantastic naan bread!

My top Bollywood Movie Night picks ...
As I laughed watching trailers for each of these movies I was reminded why I enjoyed them so much. (Just an FYI all of these are currently available to stream on Netflix Canada)

Finding Fanny: 2014 (NR) 
This comic and heartwarming movie tells the story of an aging man who learns the marriage proposal he sent to his girlfriend decades before was never received, and the road trip he takes to find her. 
Piku: 2015 (TV-PG)
The parent and child relationship is complicated, as seen in the interactions between an eccentric aging father, and his efficient, and opinionated daughter. Put them both in the same car for a long distance road trip and result is a comical clash of wills.    
Queen: 2014 (TV-MA)
After Queen is jilted at the alter, she decides to travel solo on what was to have been her European honeymoon. Her experiences push her out of her comfort zone, and challenge her to think about who she is, who she wants to be, and how that fits with her traditional family and life in Delhi. 
The Lunchbox: 2013 (PG) 
An error in the usually ultra-efficient and reliable, but complicated Mumbai lunchbox delivery service, unexpectedly leads to a housewife making the lunches, and the soon to be retired widower receiving them, to become become lunchbox penpals.   
Mumbai, Delhi, Mumbai: 2014 (TV-14)
This movie follows the typical Bollywood rom-com story-line of: boy and girl meet, boy and girl instantly dislike each, followed by a comedy of errors, misunderstandings, coincidences, and of course dancing, that eventually lead boy and girl to rethink how they feel about each other. The story begins with a young woman, who at her mom's insistence travels from Mumbai to Delhi to meet with a potential marriage candidate. Everything is going as planned until she loses her cell phone. 

Do you have a favourite Bollywood movie? If so what Indian dish would you pair with it to spice up movie night?  

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about spicing up movie night. 
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