Friday 17 June 2016

Slammin' 90's #Slang: Don't like it? Talk to the Hand Cuz the Face Ain't Home!

Some fresh, phat, and mad slang came out of the 90's, much of which I still use. 

Not surprising since the 90's were all that and a bag of chips.

This was a busy decade for me. I got jiggy with it ... TMI? Well it's all good cause it resulted in a wedding. Bought a house, aka my crib, and got a dog ... an actual dog, not dawg. Bought a crib ... an actual crib and looked fat not phat ... because I was pregnant with 2 kids ... don't go there. This was a decade of peaceful simplicity and zen ... NOT! More like you had to laugh or you'd cry chaos, parenting fails and a comedy of errors. Wine, coffee, sarcasm and the F-Bomb were my vices of choice. Personally I think I deserve mad props just for surviving it without going postal

Interesting bit of 411: I've noticed a significant difference in term usage by those who survived the decade (parents) and those born in that decade (evil offspring, aka Thing 1 & Thing 2). I for one am unlikely to call anything or anyone a "wangsta" or "ghetto", or use the term "jacked". It's highly unlikely my kids will ever refer to someone or something as being "all that" and are never going to use that term followed by a reference to potato chips. Also never gonna happen: one of them asking someone to "talk to the hand" (the finger maybe, but never the hand). 

My favourites:
  • Whatever!: I'm moving on, I don't care what you have to say about it AND no longer want to hear or talk about it. Also there's a good chance I'm annoyed at this point.
  • As if: I don't believe you, not true, very unlikely or not going to happen.
  • Deal (you'll just have to deal): Too bad you just have to deal with it, move on, get over it or stop over reacting.
  • NOT!: Whatever I said before NOT! was not true, in In fact I meant the opposite of what I just said. 
  • Not so much: I don't like it, sarcastic response to a statement indicating something, someone or some action is not acceptable or cool.
  • Talk to the hand, cuz the face ain't home! or talk to the hand: I don't want to talk to you and/or about this. This conversation is over and I'm not going to discuss it anymore.
  • Don't make me or I'm gonna open a can of whoop-ass on you: Self-explanatory.
  • Hater or hate on: A hater is the person, hate on is the action of the hater reacting in a negative, jealous, or petty way and openly expressing those feeling about someone or something (usually in regards to someone or something that isn't really their business or concern). Don't be a hater cause if you are you might be called the next term on my list ... just saying lol. 
  • Beeotch!: I think this is also self explanatory. If not try saying it out loud a few times.
  • My bad. (followed by We good?): Sorry that was my fault, and I take full responsibility for it.
  • It's all good: It's fine or alright, I'm not angry about it and there are no hard feelings. 
  • You Go! or You Go Girl!: Encouragement to do something and/or praise about taking the intuitive or having the guts to do something out of one's comfort zone. 
  • I be stylin': I'm looking good or stylish.
Terms my kids use(d):
  • Peace Out: I'm leaving. 
  • Sup: What is up or what is happening.
  • Aiight: Alright, or that's alright. 
  • Wangsta or Wangster (what a wangsta): A wanna be, not authentic, or fake. You think and act like you're cool and have street cred or all "gangsta" but you're not.  
  • Ghetto (that's so ghetto): Cheap, lacking taste, showy, gaudy.
  • Cool beans: Very cool.
  • What up?: What are you up to, or what is happening?
  • Jacked (he jacked my, or it was jacked): Taking or stealing something, or something that has been taken or stolen.
  • Mad Skills: Excellent ability or extreme skills.
  • Nice, Dude (and combined Nice Dude!): Dude is used talking to a friend or buddy. Nice refers to great or amazing. Used together it means something cool, great or awesome in reference to that friend or buddy.
  • Props or Mad Props: Kudos or credit for something someone did.
  • Shady (that's shady, he's shady and occasionally, "he be shaddy"): Something or someone is not legitimate, not to be trusted, not fair or deceptive.
  • You be trippin' (or why you be trippin'?): Getting upset, angry, emotional or over reacting.

Did I miss any of your favourite sayings or slang from the 90's? 
And have you checked out my favourite big time legit 80's slang I still use

Yep, I was all like, it's just me Cathy thinking out loud about dope 90's slang that's Da Bomb.

Note: A) I'm not in any way suggesting these terms are politically correct, or advocating their use. And B) these definitions are based on my own understanding and memory of what these terms meant and how they were used in the 90's. So if you don't like them I respectfully ask you to take a chill pill, quit buggin' and quit icing my grill!

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