Wednesday 22 June 2016

Talking Aboot #Canada Eh! 30 Uniquely #Canadian #Slang & Canadianisms.

Well up here in the great white north we do some things different eh. 

July 1st is Canada Day, so I thought we could have some pre-birthday fun by celebrating some of the ways we Canucks are uniquely Canadian

How aboot these 15 Canadian terms:

  • Aboot: Actually most of us do not pronounce about as aboot, it's more of a stereotype; like we all live in igloos, drive dog sleds, and speak French.
  • Eh: I actually say this all the time, and wasn't even aware of it until my husband pointed it out ... after 20 years of marriage. You'd think he might have mentioned something sooner! 
  • Canuck: a Canadian of course. 
  • Give'r: Give it all you got, your best effort. Said as encouragement, similar to You Go! 
  • Housecoat: Means the same as bathrobe.
  • Hydro: Refers to electrical power, usually in reference to what is billed for home or business, or what we see on our Hydro bill.
  • Keener: A term to describe someone who is an eager beaver, or overly zealous. The term is used as a friendly jab; "you're such a keener". 
  • Knapsack: It means backpack, and you know I packed everything I'll need for my afternoon nap in it. Okay not really, but I think from now on I should. 
  • Pencil Crayons: Also known as colored pencils, or if you're Canadian it's coloured pencils. 
  • Runners: Short for running shoes. I don't get the term sneakers!? ... where exactly are you sneaking to?) 
  • Snowbirds: Refers to old folk who go south for the winter months to avoid the cold and shovelling the snow, so they can tell their relatives still in the cold and snow how HOT the temperature is where they are. Followed by saying "sorry".  
  • Sorry: We say we're sorry about everything ... but we don't mean it. Nope not even a little bit sorry ... if you listen carefully you'll hear the sarcasm and passive aggressive tone. 
  • Stag/Stagette: Bachelor party or bachelorette party.
  • Toque: A hat perfect for the cold Canadian winters and BONUS it looks stylin'.
  • Washroom: It means the same as bathroom or restroom (although I seldom rest in the bathroom but I do bath and wash). 

Or these 15 Canadian terms all aboot the Food & the Drinks eh:

  • All Dressed Potato Chips: Basically take all the favourite chip flavours and put them together and you get all-dressed chips. 
  • Beavertails: A deep fried pastry in the shape of a beaver's tail with a variety of topping options. My favourite is the Killaloe Sunrise: butter, cinnamon, brown sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice - YUM! 
  • Bloody Caesar: Like a Bloody Mary but better, made from Vodka, Clamato juice (clam & tomato juice), Worchestershire sauce, hot sauce in a glass rimmed in celery salt. Cheers! 
  • Brown Bread: Is what we call whole wheat bread. 
  • Double Double: Refers to double cream, double sugar in a coffee. More specifically it refers to Timmies coffee. 
  • Homo Milk: Is a shorten version of Homogenized milk or whole, full fat milk. 
  • Ketchup Potato Chips: Ketchup flavoured potato chips are delish and it's so very sad others don't have these. 
  • Mickey: A (375 ml) flask shaped bottle of liquor is called a Mickey, don't know why, it just is.  
  • Pissed, Hammered, Polluted: All terms for very drunk. Hammered being my favourite.
  • Pop: Short for Soda-pop. 
  • Poutine: I know if sounds gross, but it's heaven (and a heart attack) on a plate. I'm a poutine purist so just deep fried french fries, topped with cheese curds and gravy. 
  • Scoff: The term to scoff something down means to eat super quickly, in other words no need to actually chew, just swallow, because we're in a hurry! 
  • Serviette: Means napkin.
  • Timmies: Refers to Tim Hortons Donut Shops. They are everywhere!
  • Two-Four, 2-4, or two-fur: A case of 24 beers. I don't even drink beer and I love the term two-fur.

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks! 

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud aboot Toques, knapsacks, two-furs and a trip to Timmies for a double-double and to scoff down some timbits.


  1. Funny how what terms we use as norm are not to others!! lol

  2. I need to share my old Canada Posts about food and words. Thanks for the reminder. I love your list.I don't say eh though I find that is an Ontario slang, we use huh ( oops)