Thursday 9 June 2016

Summer Streaming with @Netflix_CA #StreamTeam #NetflixSummerPreview

Starting the summer with friends, family, a BBQ and Netflix!

Gotta love that! 

I was lucky enough to receive an invite to the Netflix Summer Escape - Summer Preview BBQ

There's lots for everyone to enjoy this summer. Thing 1 and I got a sneak peak of what's streaming now and what's coming soon at a Netflix hosted BBQ at Archeo in the Toronto Distillery District.

My eldest son (aka  Thing 1) joined me for this event, and I loved that my friends had a chance to meet him in real life. He makes an excellent runner for food and drinks, and unlike his mother can take a selfie without cutting off half of anyone's head. 

Always great to see friends and fellow #StreamTeamers IRL (in real life) and to meet new ones. Good food, yummy cocktails, and friends makes for a winning combination.

Shows to Stream...
There's a great selection of shows and movies to stream for all interests and age groups. With more added all summer long, you're sure to find just the right mix of summer streaming.

Inside the Guide:
For the Adults:
(streaming now)

(streaming now)
OITNB - Orange Is The New Black - New Blood, New Rules
(Premieres June 17th)
Stranger Things
(premieres July 15th)

Not in the Guide but some I recommend you add to your streaming list:

The Ranch 
(Netflix Original Series)

(Season 1)
Grace and Frankie - Season 2 
(Netflix Original Series) 
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Season 2 
(Netflix Original Series)
(season 1-3)
Daredevil - Season 2 
(Netflix Original Series)

The Divide
(season 1)
Doctor Foster
(season 1)

For the Kids:
Voltron: Legendary Defender
(premieres June 10th) 

(season 2 - premeires June 10th)

(season 3 - premieres June 17th)

(season 3 - premieres June 24th)

Jim Henson's - Word Party
(premieres July 8th)

Lego Bionicle: Journey to One
(Season 2 - premieres July 29th)

Beat Bugs
(premieres August 3rd)

(season 2 - premieres August 12th)

The Get Down
(premieres August 12th)

Don't forget you can use the #StreamTeam hashtag to follow along on the Netflix Stream Team adventures. And follow Netflix on twitter for up to date news about shows and movies streaming, recently added, and coming up. 

Happy Summer Streaming! 

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about summer streaming.

Note: As a member of the Netflix Streamteam I receive Netflix and a streaming device free of charge for the purposes of my Streamteam posts and reviews. All opinions are my own. 
Netflix show and movie images courtesy of Netflix.

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