Monday 2 June 2014

Commitment Issues @SingleJoCoffee and my matey datey with Pirate Gold.

I admit it ....
I am not exclusive....
I am a swinger.

There I said it, and now it's out there for all to see. I swing between 
Single Jo Coffee flavours. 
In fact I have a different flavour for every day of the week. 
My favourite is Copper Moon World Coffees, Medium Roast Colombian blend, for its smooth taste, and rich aroma that fills my kitchen on weekday mornings.  It's a perfect way to start my day.
On the weekend I like to sneak away to a quiet corner (minus the teens) for a late afternoon break and enjoy the lighter roast of Margaritaville's Sunrise in Paradise.
I have tasted 5 Single Jo Coffee blends and recommend them without hesitation.

My commitment issues aren't my fault!

Single Jo's K-Cup compatible pods have 35% less packaging than traditional 
K-Cups, and the flavour of their delicious coffee options make your coffee experience so much more! In the words of Single Jo 
"Less Waste, More Taste"
 With free shipping on orders $65 and over, and
coupons and discounts delivered right to my inbox, how is a girl to choose?
Plus with each 12 pack I order from Single Jo, I get a free single serve blend to sample.
Flavour temptation is everywhere!

Fill out your Single Jo Coffee Profile so they find you your perfect match!

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Be a matey and get him some Pirate Gold!

Yep just me Cathy thinking out loud about Single Jo Coffee.

Note: I received product and compensation for my participation in the Single Jo  Coffee Ambassadorship via Splash Media. All opinions are my own, and reflect my personal experience with this product and brand. 
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  1. Sunrise in paradise sounds great! I have to admit though, I am partial to the Margaritaville Pirates Gold.

    1. Yum Pirate Gold hard to decide when there are so many great flavours Jaymi!

  2. Love that there's less waste and the flavours sound amazing. I know not to get in between you and your SingleJo. Something like THAT only happens once. Trust me.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  3. I love the idea that there is 35% less packaging than traditional pods, with the amount that I drink I need a company like this.

  4. Margaritaville's Sunrise in Paradise sounds delicious. I think this is one perfect gift for my husband on Father's Day. He is not a coffee drinker though but occasionally gets a cup once in a blue moon.

  5. They both sound yummy and love that there is less waste!!!

  6. Ohh! I like the idea of less waste! That is SO awesome! I'm obsessed with your coffee mug, by the way!!

  7. the flavours sound awesome, I would be a swinger too if I drank coffee!

  8. haha! I love that you are a "swinger" ... but I love that there is 35% less packaging even more! It's been my number one reluctance for switching from my carafe coffee to these single serve machines.

  9. I am loving the Hawaiian Hazelnut. I'm a Maverick :)

  10. Sounds like some interesting flavours, I love that there is less waste, a must try!

  11. I love swinger :) lol