Monday 18 January 2016

Five Clever Crocheted Cleaning Tools To Make #ItsEasy2BGreen #GreenIdeas

Five DIY Reusable Cleaning Tool Ideas You Can Make Today

It's Easy To Be Green

Can you crochet?
I can't but these ideas may just motivate me to learn!
Below are five great ideas. Make being GREEN easy by making a basket of these as a hostess gift for easy after party clean-up, for a college student's first apartment, someone you know moving into a new house, or just for yourself. 

Reusable Swiffer/Swoofer Pad via Ravelry

Crocheted Bar Soap Savers via Danyel Pink Designs

Reversible Dish Scrubber via Mrs Green

Crocheted Dishcloth via MidWesternMoms

Crocheted Bottle Scrubber via

For more Green ideas look under the blog BEING GREEN tab, 

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about being GREEN.

Note: I was not compensated for this post. The purpose of the post was merely to share with my readers. All opinions are my own. Links to instructions and full details can be found at the link under the image. (image via site linked to)

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