Tuesday 26 January 2016

These Lil Piggies Went to Market: Portcellino Florence #Italy #Travel #TravelIdeas

These Little Piggies When Mercato Nuovo in Florence Italy. 

Il Porcellino 
(piglet in Italian)
A famous bronze statue of a boar that lives in the Mercato Nuovo in Florence, Italy.
This lil piglet and I met at the market 23 years ago while on my honeymoon. The story goes if you rub the boar's snout it will ensure a return to Florence.

Sixteen years later ...

Indeed I did return to Florence, but on my second visit my own little piglets joined me. Hopefully they too will return to Florence one day (maybe even together).

Not only will you find this cool pig featured in many a tourist selfie (or should I say sowfie), but he also has cameos in two Harry Potter movies, and in Hannibal. 

Florence is a very special destination with tons of history and "must see" attractions, but wouldn't be a neat idea to discover Florence by building an itinerary around the attractions featured in a movie. Maybe on my next visit to Florence I can try this, because there simply must be a return to Florence ... I rubbed Il Portcellino's snout so it's my destiny.

Below are a few posts and resources I found on my journeys. I thought they might provide some travel inspiration.

What movie locations would you most like to build a travel itinerary around? 
Please share in the comments section, I love hearing your ideas and feedback.

Happy Travels!

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about travel and another trip to the market.

Note: I was not compensated for this post. It's purpose is merely to share my experience and travel ideas with my readers. 

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