Thursday 28 January 2016

Please Read My Post: A Day in the Life of a Needy Blogger #BloggerIssues

I Write, I Publish, Then the little voice inside my head says "please please please read my post", and then the cycle repeats itself. 

It's a bit like the instructions on the shampoo bottle:
Wash, Rinse, Repeat, but instead for me it's:
Write, Reader Requisition, Repeat

Yes, I get that it's a wee bit (okay more like infinitely) needy, but I can't help it. 
OMG ... I just realized I 'm a high maintenance blogger!
(Putting on the cone of shame as I type)

I have absolutely no idea why one day 100 people visit and another day I'm lucky to get 25 visits, even if I have new posts up and I'm actively sharing links on social media. I just know I like the 100 better than the 25 visits. Maybe on the 25 days you didn't hear my telepathic calls summoning you to a new post. (I'll summon louder in the future).

One of my goals for 2016 is post more consistently and increase the number of visitors and length of visits to my blog. My goal for the first half of 2016 is to consistently get 5o+ visitors a day, or 1500 visitors and 4000 page views per month, and double that number for the second half of 2016. Seemed like an achievable goal at the time, but time will tell.

Giveaways are fun and increase traffic to the blog, but also skew the numbers since they tend to result in quick one page visit, so I'm not including those in my monthly count. The length of visit is a pretty good indicator whether the post is actually being read. 

So far I haven't hit my 50 everyday, but I have had other days with more than 50 so over all I am on target to hit my numbers for the month of January. So to all those who have and continue to visit, thank you for taking the time to do so, and please please please keep reading my posts. If you're not visiting ... maybe it's you who needs the cone of shame.

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about being a insecure and needy blogger.


  1. I added the free version of sumome to my blog. I turn it on on certain pages and it shows where people read to on a post. Very interesting. It also show where they click on my site. It may be fun to see where people go when on yours :) Happy Friday!

    1. Thanks for reading! and for the insight. I totally agree see where they go or read would be fun. Thanks for all your support. Happy Friday to you too!

  2. What's your content about? Can you do a google search for your website and find it in the top 5 pages? After six years of blogging and starting off really slow, I've found that SEO really does matter. While I am no expert by any means, I'm slowly getting better at making sure my content is searchable. Blogging is hard work, so hang in there.