Monday 16 May 2016

A #BuyProduct @DoveCanada Style+Care Frizz-Proof Cream Serum #Haircare

Buy Product of Cathy Thinking Out Loud:

I'm Thinking Out Loud About What Products to Buy

Growing up my Mom had a term: It is buy-like or look-like. Meaning is it nice enough to actually buy or just nice to look at. Deciding if a product is worth spending your hard earn cash on can be challenging, and I'd like to help by sharing my product experiences with you.

Why it's a Buy Product:

Dove Style+Care Frizz-Proof Cream Serum (under $5) is definitely a #BuyProduct in my opinion. I can't remember a time when I could wash my hair and just run a brush through it, without fighting tangles and knots, even after using generous amounts of conditioner. It isn't just a problem of the ouch factor, my hair ends up breaking and damaged from brushing through the tangles. In an effort to put an end to this "hair-endous" situation I purchased this Dove product for 2 reasons: I'd purchased Dove's Mens Hair products and my kids and Hubby seemed to like them, and the price. Not really knowing what I was looking for or needed, I wasn't willing to invest a small fortune in high-end products while I figured it out. The $3.74 I paid for this serum seemed like a pretty low risk place to start my quest for hair happiness. 
WOW! It worked like a charm!

  • This serum worked wonders on hair manageability whether applied to wet or dry hair.
  • Cream formula is easy to work through hair.
  • Made styling my hair so much easier!
  • Almost completely ended my issues with tangles and knots. In the past I struggled with my brush pulling and sticking to my hair, but with this product I can easily brush through my hair without pulling or breakage. 
  • Easy to use dispenser.
  • It doesn't weigh down my hair or impact volume.
  • It goes on smooth with a natural look, without appearing like I have product in my hair. 
  • Gives my hair a smooth, shiny look and reduces the look of frizziness. 
  • Can't beat the price point. 
  • It even smells nice. 
Note: If this came in a foam format making it easier to control the amount and distribution of product, and still worked as well, I'd be over the moon. 

If you have feedback, or know a product you really like, please share. I always feel better shelling out my hard earned cash on a product if I know others have tried it, and were happy with their experience and purchase. 

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about "buy-products" and products worth buying.

Note: I have not been compensated in any way for this post. The purpose of this post is merely to share with my readers my personal experience with these products. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Sounds like a great product. Yesterday and today have been so windy here, and even after washing it's hard to get through my hair. I will look for this product. Thanks!