Thursday 12 September 2013

The Many Sides of Me!

Dear Blog:
I know it has been ages since I've posted anything to you dear Blog. It may appear I am ignoring you, but I am not. I am struggling with the many sides of me. There seems to be so many sides of me: The Mother, Wife, Daughter, Crafty Type, Pro Party Planner, Expert Lunch Maker, Used to be a Banker, with a Political Science Degree me.
What type of relationship do I want with you Blog, and with social media? I am trying to define our relationship, while understanding it's a work in process, as am I.
  • Do I want to enter contests? Because let's face it winning is fun. 
  • I love to retweet and share information that I think is of interest. This may be a news story, event, travel, parenting tips, a contest, the list goes on. So I share and retweet a lot. I participate in twitter chats and parties a lot. I know that this impacts my image and how people see me. I know some think I spend all day entering contests, but the truth is many chats have no prize. I rarely win anything over $50 in value, and I often share a contest for others to know about, but do not enter myself. I believe this untargeted sharing habit I have is bad for business, but good for my soul.
  • Do I want to share my inner most feelings about life? No, I would like to share some of the insights and things I have learnt along the way. I definitely would like to share tips, ideas, info and products I have discovered. 
  • Do I want to try to be brand ambassador, and host give-aways? To be honest this scares me. 
  • How do I get brands to give me products to review? How do I do a give-away? What are the laws and rules regarding a give-away? (maybe no one will want me to review their products, so might not be an issue) 
  • How do you manage a review or post so you share all the important information, without it becoming a novel?
These questions swirl around in my head day after day, and almost paralyse me from actually doing anything, or posting to you Blog. 
This post is the first step towards doing something. I am hoping my putting it to paper (virtual paper works too!) and thinking out loud I might find some clarity, and figure out how to manage the many sides of me.

Till next time Blog,
Ciao Cathy


  1. Replies
    1. This comment makes me do the Happy Dance Thanks Amber!

  2. Whatever you decide, I'm certain you will be a great success!!!

    1. Thanks so much. It really is lovely to read comments like this. Makes my day each time I read it. I admit I have read several times just to be all smiling afterwards!