Wednesday 30 October 2013

WildRoots TripleBerry Crisp Gluten Free Cereal Makes Me Happy!

This is my very low-tech, non-scientific review of WildRoots TripleBerry Crisp Cereal. I will leave the label reading and the nutrition evaluation to the experts. My roll will be to give you my honest opinion of a cereal I tried for the first time last week. While walking the rows of merchandise in Costco I came across WildRoots TripleBerry Crisp cereal. What caught my eye was the "gluten free" part and the fact that the picture on the box looked good. So I bought a box that included 2 bags totally 750 g for just under $9.00.

I found this cereal to be very tasty and the flakes stayed crisp in milk and did not get soggy after 5 seconds. I hate when the flakes get soggy before you have a chance to eat your cereal. I did not feel like I was settling and giving up taste for the gluten free option. There were lots of berries in the cereal and it looked for once like the picture on the box. I would definitely buy these again, in fact I will need to do that soon since I ate both bags and we are now completely out.
So "two thumbs up" from me for WildRoots TripleBerry Crisp.

For those who need more details I have included the a shot of the Nutrition Label. 

So there you go, I'm Cathy thinking out loud about WildRoots TripleBerry Crisp cereal.

Note: I have not been compensated in anyway for this review. It is completely my own opinion.


  1. I would love to try this cereal,only wish it was made in a nut free facility. :( Thanks for the review.

    1. There is a link for their other products. Maybe they have a nut free option.

  2. That looks really yummy, will keep my eyes peeled the next time we go to Costco!