Saturday 8 August 2015

Summer: Synonym for Adventure #Dragons @Netflix_CA #Streamteam

"Summer" is just code for adventure waiting to happen. 

There's something about summer that makes it perfect for adventures and quests. As a child I knew and embraced it and as a parent I encouraged it. Summer is when the lack of school and schedules allows us to step out of our routine and comfort zone and try something new. 
I don't think any of us really loses that childhood dream of adventure or to have that one great quest, I think it just gets muted with the business of life. But it's important to remember what dreaming of an adventure that is only limited by imagination, ability to dream big and tenacity feels like. 

I believe that's why adventure themed movies and shows continue to be so popular for kids of all ages. They allow us to share that sense of adventure with our kids in an afternoon right in your own home. 

With the right survival tools (snacks) and navigational tools (X marks the spot map) a cape made from a towel thrown in for good measure, your adventure is ready to begin!

Netflix Dragons: Race to the Edge is the perfect summer afternoon Adventure!

Image via Netflix 

Below are just a few of the other excellent viewing options to watch from your magic flying carpet or couch castle fort:

Image via Netflix 

Image via Netflix

I 'd love to hear about your favourite adventure movies to share with your family, and how you prepare for watching them together. Do you have special snacks or rituals you do while watching a movie together?

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about Netflix Streamteam.

Note: As a member of the Netflix Streamteam I receive Netflix and a streaming device free of charge for the purpose of my Netflix Streamteam posts and reviews. All opinions are my own.

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