Wednesday 9 September 2015

Until Oct 11th A $5 Donation Will Get You A #BPKidsCard at @BostonPizza Instore or Online ($35 value)

Do the Math! It's a Simple Case of 

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

I'm a parent of teens and apparently I'm too old to understand the "new" math taught these days, but I understand that more than ever kids need support and mentors and that the Boston Pizza Kids Card adds up to a great deal! 

In an ideal world all kids would have equal access to the tools and support needed to reach their full potential, and variables like finances, location, or accessibility would not factor into the equation. 

*From August 31st until October 11th, 2015 with a minimum donation (feel free to donate more) you can get yourself a BP Kids Card at any Boston Pizza location or at Not only does your donation raise funds for the Boston Pizza Foundation, it gets you 5 free kids meals, a $35 value for only $5!

Plus when you register your #BPKidsCard with your free MyBP account you get a 6th kids meal free.

Now according to my kids' textbooks BEDMAS must be applied to all equations, but I'm applying my own version of BEDMAS to the problem. 
(WARNING: Not Recommended for High School Math homework)

B - Brackets to group people and organizations together in a common cause. 
E - Exponents the power of amplifying the message and reach of programs. 
D - Division of the funds raised between partners that provide valuable programs.
M - Multiplication of the funds raised and the programs made available to youth.
A - Addition of new programs and expansion of existing ones.
S - Subtraction of barriers to youth in pursuing their dreams. 

Since 1990 the Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects' donations and fundraising efforts have been assisting its partners in developing, and delivering, programs to youth that provide access to tools, support and mentorship. Over the past 25 years the Boston Pizza Foundation has donated and raised over $20 million for programs to help Canadian youth be the best they can be. 

This year's goal is to raise $730,000!

Partners like Big Brother Big Sister Canada, JDRF Canada, Kids Help Phone, Live Different and the Rick Hansen Foundation will use those funds to continue to provide information, role models, mentors, ambassadorships, and programs to thousands of Canadian youth.

  • Big Brother Big Sister Canada: Helps 1000's of youth with mentoring programs and the funds raised help them "extend and expand mentoring services to new communities and youth who do not currently have access to mentoring programs".
  • JDRF Canada: BP Kids Cards help to fund "youth ambassador programs which provide mentorship to young people living with T1D (Type 1 diabetes).
  • Kids Help Phone: Donations help to fund their "national professional counselling services" to youth as well as "adult tools and resources and online content on their website".
  • Live Different: Funds help Live Different to deliver high school motivational presentations to inspire youth to "embrace a lifestyle that cares about people not stuff".
  • Rick Hansen Foundation: The Boston Pizza Foundation helps the Rick Hansen Foundation spread the message of inclusion and reach more than 500,000 kids across Canada each year with its Rick Hansen School Programs. 

By investing a minimum $5 donation for a #BPKidsCard you have the power to multiply the number of youth impacted and the range of programs available to youth in Canada. That adds up to an impressive rate of return: healthy and happier kids, which makes for a better Canada, AND free kids meals.

Do the math! It's a WIN WIN! 

For more information about the Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects and BP Kids Cards follow Boston Pizza on twitter and facebook, and Boston Pizza Foundation on twitter and facebook

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about Boston Pizza Kids Cards.

Note: I have been compensated for my time creating this post. All opinions are my own and on a personal note I have in the past and will continue to support Boston Pizza and Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects in their efforts to give back to the community. I consider it an honour to participate in this campaign.

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  1. Math wasn't my strong point in school but your equation I can totally understand! Bottom line, giving to charity is a win, win, win or everyone involved.

    Thanks for sharing about this great company and campaign. Off to get my card.

    Besos Sarah.