Thursday 8 December 2016

Hunt for Best Italian Sandwiches in #Ottawa #BucketListOtt #FordEscape @FordCanada

There's nothing more satisfying than the perfect sandwich, but one must know where to find such a sandwich. Thus began my Ford Escape #BucketListOtt adventure, and my hunt for the best Italian Sandwiches in Ottawa. 

Having Italian born In-Laws, holding the position of "mangia-cake" daughter-in-law for almost 25 years and spending nearly 2 months in Italy, I feel I've gained the necessary expertise required for my quest for Ottawa's best Italian "sangwiches". 

In my opinion a truly great Italian sandwich comes down to three things.
  • Fresh, high quality ingredients. 
  • Getting that perfect balance of tastes, flavours and toppings. (including the meat being sliced paper thin, or as my father-in-law would say "almost see through")
  • Pride of workmanship and a desire on the part of the maker to create the best sandwich "experience" possible. 
Not really that different than Ford Canada's approach to the Ford Escape: fresh and innovative technology and features, a good balance of design, functionality and options, and pride of product and a desire to create the best driving experience possible. I was surprised how many of the Ford Escape's features came in handy in my efforts to secure the best Italian sandwiches in Ottawa. 

So with some very helpful hints from Lesley at Campbell Ford and a Ford Escape Titanium Model, I narrowed my search down to five sandwich experiences, one for each weekday of my adventure. Each location came with it's own set of challenges made easier by features available on the Ford Escape. 

Monday: Pesto's Italian Delicatessen (Hazealdean Rd. - Kanata)

Pesto's instantly brought back memories of Italy and the type and taste of sandwiches I had there. 
Pesto's is tucked away in a strip mall so SYNC3 and the voice activated navigation system in the Ford Escape I had came in very handy.

Tuesday: Di Rienzo Grocery & Deli (Little Italy - Ottawa)

At Di Rienzo's you'll get the classic Italian-Canadian sandwich; Crusty fresh bun meat and cheese. Simple, but oh so good.
I wouldn't believe the parking challenges at Di Rienzo's had I not lived it. Even without people just parking their car behind mine, blocking me in while they went to order their sandwich (which no sensing system in the world can help with), reversing out of this spot required the rear view camera, rear sensing system, BLIS with cross traffic alert and my husband's help. I wouldn't have even attempted to park here without reverse and side sensing assistance. Comical really ... I was channelling my inner Italian and talking with my hands. My Italian father-in-law would have been impressed ... with the hand talking not what I was thinking. 

Wednesday: Frank's Baked Goods & Catering (Greenbank at Hunt Club - Ottawa)

Frank's offers a very large list of delicious sandwiches for $5. I've never been there when there wasn't a long lineup of fans waiting to order their favourite sandwich. For me it is #26.
Frank's is located in a busy strip mall with a small parking lot. The Ford Escape's voice activated navigation system and the rear sensing system make for easy and safe sandwich retrieval.

Thursday: Misto Fine Food Shop (Hampton Park Plaza, Carling Ave. - Ottawa)

If made to order sandwiches on a fresh bun is your thing you'll be a fan of Misto. 
The day I went to Misto it was raining, and the parking lot is busy. The front variable intermittent wipers are a great standard feature on a rainy day, as was the the rear sensing system. 

Friday: Cafe Postino (Almonte - 30 min drive west of Ottawa)

Our final sandwich destination was Cafe Postino in Almonte, Ontario. This was the only sit down restaurant on our 5 day sandwich hunt so the price point was higher, but the ambiance and the meal was very nice. It is a beautiful 30 minute drive which makes a perfect date or afternoon adventure. 
Our Ford Escape took us through both highway and city driving, and we not only used the navigation system to get us there, but also enjoyed eighties tunes on SiriusXM radio. The small town of Almonte was very busy with cars and pedestrians due to a craft show, so an eagle eye and the ability to turn on a dime and parallel park without hitting moving targets (did I mention it was really busy!) were absolutely imperative. It also happened to be a chilly day so I appreciated the heated steering wheel, Dual Zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control and the km to empty indicator.

Honourable Mentions: going to La Bottega which although not on this adventure's itinerary, I have visited many times in the past.  

Honourable Mentions: go to these Ford Escape features and options:
(Note: Some of these available options may have additional costs associated with them)

Cool Colour that matches my highlights! 

Heated Steering Wheel

Foot-Activated Hands-free Power Liftgate

KM to Empty indicator

SYNC3 with voice activated navigation system

Sirius XM Radio

Enhanced Park Assist
Adaptive Cruise Control
Auto Start-Stop Technology: This feature generated much conversation between Thing 2 and my Hubby. They both speak the mystical language of tech. What I heard was bla bla bla ... very cool bla bla 

Sadly my BucketListOtt hunt for the best Italian Sandwiches in Ottawa, and my time with the Ford Escape has come to an end, but I hope I've inspired you to explore your Ottawa and go beyond the Diefenbunker

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about Italian "sang-wiches".

Note: I received the use of a Ford Escape for one week, and compensation to cover my #FordEscape #BucketListOtt Adventure expenses, which I chose to be My Hunt for Ottawa's Best Italian Sandwiches. I was not compensated by the sandwich makers in any way. All opinions are my own.


  1. From the pics, Pesto's sandwich looks the best, and closest to what my Italian family makes. ;)

    I bet you had a t on of fun driving the Ford Escape! It has some great features, heated steering wheel? I think every Canadian would be sold on that!

  2. Wow you have given me some great places to visit next time I am in Ottawa