Tuesday 27 May 2014

Someone told me I was prolific today and I think being prolific is pretty terrific!

PROLIFIC: "Producing constant, and successful results, highly productive, intellectually productive." 

Today someone told me "I'm a new fan of yours and admire how prolific you are!" From the context of the rest of the conversation, I believe she was telling me thank you or acknowledging that either my blog posts or my social interaction in some way had helped her, made her smile or just connected. 

What she might not have known is that those kind words helped me, made me smile, and made me free connected. I am fairly new at blogging, and Cathy Thinking Out Loud  is less than a year old. Lately I have been struggling with the fact that almost all of my writing is for free. It is not that I do not try for the paid writing opportunities I see, it's that I am not chosen for them. 

What does that matter? Why isn't writing for yourself good enough? Well, for the same reason not being picked for a team, or not being chosen for a promotion matters. It impacts how I feel about myself. It makes me question my abilities, and occasionally makes me feel like giving up. Being picked and paid is a sign that my work has value. After more than 18  years as a stay-at-home Mom, right or wrong, I need that validation sometimes. 

That being said until the time comes that I am picked for "the team" a compliment like; you are prolific is pretty terrific! Proof positive that at least one person reads what I write!
 Feels a bit like I just got a big Christmas bonus!

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud, and happy to be prolific. 

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  1. You're prolific alright with a capital "A" for awesome! So happy to be a part of a team with you and to call you a friend.

    Besos, Sarah