Sunday 13 July 2014

Please use your @Belkin @WeMo Insight Switch responsibly ... #review

In the past my husband has had a tendency to use his Belkin  WeMo Switches  for if not actually evil, less than nice activities. I am not saying he is an evil man, he just does evil things, such as remotely turning lights on and off when I am working, or turning a boombox (a relic from our university days) on full blast to remotely wake our teenage kids during spring break. I am not sure which was more of a shock the loud music or this thing old people refer to as a "boombox". 

As a result I have been working hard to try to train him to use his WeMo switches responsibly and for good. I think I may have made some progress, but only time will tell.

The latest addition to our family of WeMo switches is the Belkin WeMo Insight  (the Insight makes number 6...the same as the number of kids in the Brady Bunch). 
The Insight is almost half the size of the standard WeMo plug-in switches, and about the same size as the Belkin Conserve Socket  (which is a GREAT doohickey which, when activated, stays on for a fixed amount of time and in our house is hooked up to the espresso machine which my husband always forgets to turn off).

What's new in the Insight is the ability to monitor the power used by the attached devices. Previously we used the “Kill A Watt” wall wart to track down and eliminate energy vampires. With the Belkin WeMo Insight we can not only measure the power used by the device but also manage when and why it turns on and off.

We live in a jurisdiction which has time of day billing: which means the price of power varies with the time of day, and the cheapest rates occurring between 7:00PM & 7:00AM.  Hydro One - Time of Use

If only there was some way to control some of our appliances and have them operate during the low rate period ... 
if only ...

We use the WeMo Insight to control our dehumidifier using a time of day schedule (running the dehumidifier only during the off peak periods).  Using the handy WeMo Android app I see that this is costing me $15.75 a month.

My husband has been trying out IFTTT (which stands for If This Then That) and allows you to control your WeMo switches using “Recipes”, here is a list of the recipes available for use with the WeMo Insight: Recipes for WeMo Insight Link (Full disclosure I have no idea what these "recipes" are. I married an engineer so I would never have to know, but they sound delish!) 

I for one look forward to our coming robot masters managing the devices in my home using the WeMo family of switches (and hopefully saving me money by turning on my stuff only when necessary). Or if that fails then at least managing my husband!

With great home automation, comes great responsibility!
Please use your WeMo Switch Responsibly! 

The WeMo Insight is easy to use, retails for $59.99 and works with Android and Apple devices. For more info and specs about Belkin products including the WeMo line visit or follow Belkin on Facebook, and Belkin on Twitter .

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about Wemo Insight.

Note: I was provided with a WeMo Insight free of cost for the purpose if this review. All opinions are my own and reflect my experience with this product.


  1. I sure would love to own one of these. Must put it on my christmas list. Thanks for the info.

  2. Give the guys a new tech gadget, and they don't use it responsibly, yep that happens in my house too.

  3. My husband says that we need one of these. So, that's that.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  4. Well you sold it, going in the Xmas stocking this year!