Tuesday 1 July 2014

Sometimes Parents & Teens Don't See Eye to Eye: @Motorola_CA #MotoG might be the answer!

Teens want to be connected to their friends. social media, their music, be able to surf the net, take and share pictures, and to do all of this on one portable device that looks good. 

Parents want to manage the ever-rising cost of raising teens. Sure we want to give them all of the above but we also have little things like mortgages, education funds, and retirement savings to think about.

Personally I can't afford to buy my teens $600 phones, or pay the $100 a month service to get the phones "free". Even with combined or shared plans with a family of four the cost is well over $100 a month just for cell phone service alone!

So for me there needs to be some middle ground. I think the Moto G might be just the answer.

  • The Moto G's excellent build quality means it is sturdy enough to stand up to my teens.
  • The look and design is easy on the eyes, (and budget). The inter-changeable coloured back panels appeals to the teens need to express themselves. A curved design to the back panel makes the Moto G feel great to hold and fits the nature curve of your hand.
  • The price point at $200 definitely appeals to the parents.
  • A 4.5" Gorilla Glass screen easily accommodates all the You Tube watching a teens can handle. 
  • The Lithium-ion 2070 mAh battery provides excellent battery life that lasts longer than my significantly more expensive smartphone. Meaning even at the end of the day there is enough battery to get and reply to Mom's texts.

Check out Motorola Canada for more information about the Moto G 

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about the Moto G.

Note: I was provided with a Moto G free of cost to test and give honest feedback. I was under no obligation to post a review of this product. I did so because I was impressed with the quality of the phone at this price point. I believe many of my readers are looking for a budget friendly solution for their kids. 


  1. Great outlook Cathy. I agree phones are over priced and yes when my kids start to ask for one, I will be looking towards something like Moto G!

  2. It's hard to have a common ground when it comes to a teens wants and needs regarding technology. They think top of the line we think something that doesn't break the budget. I agree with your statements about the moto g being the best of both worlds. I own the Lte version which adds expandable storage through micro sd card (up to 32gb) and faster speeds. & only cost $25 extra ($225) since the device is only available with Lte on Rogers or Fido I simply unlocked it for only $15 online. Keep up the great work Cathy I look forward to all of your posts.

  3. Thanks for sending me the link to this post. Needed to read some reviews regarding the Motorola G for a family member. Great post! Very informative!