Monday 5 January 2015

Todd's Tech Story: How @KingstonTech #MobileliteWirelessG2 saved Christmas #tech #review via @cantoncathy

We all have our stories about tech and how it makes our lives just that little bit easier. For me it often revolves around travel and road trips with my teen boys. You can see from my post Toy Story: My Tech Toy Story about the Kingston Technology Mobilelite Wireless G2 how tech has both helped and changed over the years for me.

I have met many friends on-line who share my love of technology and gadgets. Once such friend is Todd. You may know him as @tgreenc on twitter.
He wears many hats as a parent, a partner, a twitter and tech enthusiast, and Head Electronics Elf.
This is Todd's tech story about the Kingston Technology Mobilelite Wireless G2.

How the Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2 Saved Christmas

It was the Night of the concert with too much to do.
Mommy was getting stressed out and Daddy was to.
The dress needed pressing and shoes had to be found,
 And all while trying to get my daughter to sit down.

We’ve all been there; whether it’s for a birthday party, recital or other event that requires our children to be dressed to the nines. It takes a finely executed plan to make sure everything is done and nothing is forgotten. If you are anything like me what can go wrong will go wrong; be it a tear in the tights or tight fitting shoes, or the unexpected that always seems to come up when there is no time to fix it.

 That’s where the Kingston Technology MobileLite Wireless G2 came to my rescue. Being the Head Electronics Elf comes with responsibilities, it requires me to make sure that everything must remain at full capacity at all times. Sounds easy enough right? ... But tonight was not the night to look down at a phone that said 20%. That’s where the G2 came to my rescue, and a last minute grab to stick in a coat pocket made sure that those priceless Christmas concert moments would not be missed.

The Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2 has a built in 4640 mAh battery which is good for up to 13 hours continuous use or to make sure Daddy (aka Head Electronics Elf) does not have to sleep on the couch because he forgot to charge the electronics. On the way to the concert I downloaded the free iOS app (also available for android) and not only was it charging my phone it was also transferring the pictures that I took directly to the micro SD card in my G2 which would make sharing with my girlfriend that much easier when we arrived home.

With these great specs and a two year warranty with free technical support I highly recommend this product to anyone who is always on the go.

Via Kingston Technology

Note: I (Todd) received a Kingston Technology Mobilelite Wireless G2 for the purpose of this post all opinions are my own and reflect my experiences while reviewing the quality of performance and the brand that stands behind it

Be sure to follow Kingston Technology on Twitter and Kingston Technology on Facebook for updates on all their products. 

Thank you so much Todd for sharing your story with me! Not only are the pictures lovely, I'm always happy when I hear about others experiences with current tech and gadgets, and how they make our lives easier. Word of mouth and my friends' and family's personal experience always makes deciding which products to invest my hard earned money on easier, and reduces disappointment. 

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about tech in our lives.

Note: I was not compensated for this post. The purpose of this post was merely to share information with my readers. 

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  1. Awesome review! Cracked me up with the Head Elf having to sleep on the couch if he forgot!! I really need to look into this because the battery life on my phone is horrendous and constantly dying after only an hour or two of use! It is aweful!