Saturday 10 January 2015

Trying New Things: First Blog Post Written on my Phone #businessanywhere

I'm old school ... well if you ask my evil teens they'd say just plain old, but still I like to think I am open to trying new things. So in this time of mobile and constant connectivity I thought I would try to write at least one post completely using my phone including; a written portion and at least one photo.

I admit not my favourite way to write a post but nice to know I can do it in a pinch.

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about #businessanywhere.


  1. The real question is - can you walk while chewing gum Cathy?!

  2. This is awesome Cathy! I really like the photo - that would make a pretty awesome logo!

  3. It looks great! When I first started my blog I actually blogged on an iPod touch! At the time it wasn't nearly half as easy as it is today with smartphones and tablets! Embrace the new as I say! The trick is finding a good mobile app to post with! :)

  4. Please tell me how you did this. I would love to know how to cut and paste a link on my phone. Maybe someday...

    Besos Sarah.