Friday 28 October 2016

New CEO (Candy Endowment Officer) effective Oct 31st @Netflix_CA #streamteam

Important Human Resource Announcement!

To Whom It May Concern: 
After many years as CTOL's CFO (Costume Fabrication Officer) Ms. Canton will be stepping down from this role to assume the position of CEO (Candy Endowment Officer) at CTOL effective October 31st. Please join us in thanking Ms. Canton for all her many years of devoted service in the position of CFO, and wish her luck in her new role. 

As the new CEO, Ms. Canton's duties will include (but are not limited to): managing the acquisition and distribution of all candies, treats and pumpkins, as well as quality control of all tricks and Jack-O-Lanterns. In addition Ms. Canton will take on the responsibility of synopsizing streaming options for October 31st deemed most advantageous for specific viewer market segments.

Appendix #1: Report on Streaming Options by Market Segment:
*Note: These streaming options are deemed appropriate for viewing during as well as pre and post the October 31st streaming period. 

Appendix #2: Recommended Viewing for CEO position:
Various studies found streaming some of Netflix recently added series listed below help to dramatically improved several key Adult CEO skill sets, resulting in enhanced overall professional development. 

  • Stranger Things
  • Frequency 
  • Grinder
  • Jamaica Inn
Once again please join us in congratulating Ms. Canton on her new position, I know we can rely on everyone to fully supporting her streaming initiatives, thereby helping to ensure all have the happiest of Halloweens. 

CTOL HR Department 

Note: As a Netflix Streamteam member I receive special perks for #Streamteam participation, posts and sharing. All opinions are my own.

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