Wednesday 31 May 2017

Family Viewing Our Way: What When & How #Streamteam #Ad @Netflix_CA

These days taking control of the Remote Control means we decide: 

What, Where, and When we watch!

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The evolution of family movie night ...
I had the good fortune to marry a rather extraordinary person. Although right now I'm sure my kids have not yet realize how lucky they are to have a father like him, someday they'll look back and see how he always makes an effort and time to make memories and teach them important life lessons. 

That was then ...
Movie time started (by their dad) when my kids were toddlers. Friday was Pizza and a Movie night, which meant ordering a pizza, making popcorn and watching a movie together as a family. Sunday afternoon was Male Bonding time, when the males of the household gathered to watched retro shows or cartoons, giving this SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) a well deserved break. This ritual continued pretty much unchanged until the kids reached high school. Even then we still managed to fit in regular Friday Pizza and a Movie nights and the Sunday afternoon bonding ritual. It wasn't that we didn't enjoy spending time together watching a movie, but rather schedules, social activities and homework made keeping these traditions challenging. 

This is now ...
With one (Thing 1) in college, and another (Thing 2) in university and living in his own apartment, our Family Movie night has had to evolve. It's rare for the whole family to get together and watch a movie, but that doesn't mean we don't want to bond over our favourite shows or a movie. This was evident this May long weekend when Thing 2 (home for a visit) asked me "Where is Dad and my brother?" I said "Downstairs watching a movie". He scowls and heads downstairs at double speed, clearly annoyed they hadn't invited him to join in. Netflix helps to make these family times possible by letting us control what and when and how we watch. In other words our way, and on our terms.

Family viewing in our family is alive and well ... 
  • It could be over some brotherly bonding when Thing 1 stays over at Thing 2's apartment and they binge watch The Office, or The IT Crowd.
  • Or a Sunday afternoon when Thing 1 and his Dad bond over a few episodes of Sherlock, or a movie like Office Space.  
  • It might when I'm visiting Thing 2 at his apartment, and he makes me dinner that we eat while watching White Collar or iZombie.
  • There's a good chance it'll happen when Thing 1 walks in on me watching a Korean TV Drama like Man to Man. It starts with a few minutes at the door making fun of my viewing choices, then moves to a sit at edge of chair asking what is happening and about the back story, and finishes with a fully committed chair sitting and running commentary about the characters and show. (For the record: Mom is not overjoyed having to try to read subtitles at the same time as his commentary, or questions). 
  • Or on the rare occasions the kids aren't around it could be just the Hubby and I watching a movie like Whiskey Tango Foxtrot or a few episodes of Halt and Catch Fire
  • Lastly, it could be that all of us watch a show like Daredevil or Arrested Devlop on our own and then have lively discussions about the show over dinner. 

With all the options available on Netflix the process of finding some middle ground, and reaching agreement on what to watch has gotten so much easier. As I said ... our way, on our terms no matter who, when, or where we're watching.

Change doesn't have to be a bad thing ...
Instead we've adapted out family viewing to fit out our schedules and lifestyle, not to mention budget. Being able to watch what we want on demand has been key to being able to continue this family tradition. To me change means choice, and having the choice to customize what and how we watch is a very good thing! 

Netflix just keeps making it easier to customize what, when and how we watch ...
With options like Netflix-to-Go that allows you to download to your devices many of your favourite shows and movies and watch them without Wi-Fi. *And for those in Southern Ontario heading to cottage country this summer be sure to read the post fellow Streamteamer Jenn of One Heart One Family wrote about a very special treat Netflix has for you on long weekends this summer.

Happy Streaming! 

Yep, just me Cathy thinking about the evolution of our family's movie night. 

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