Wednesday 7 June 2017

Time to Practice What I Preach: Me, Thing1 & @TDMOttawa #DoItDailey30 #Ad #LivingaDaileyLife

Parenting 101: Sometimes you need to walk the walk. (or ride the bike)

And so it begins Mother - Son Bonding via The Dailey Method 30 Day Challenge!

Disclosure: Both my son and I received a month of unlimited classes at The Dailey Method Ottawa 
to facilitate our participation in the June #DoItDailey30 Challenge. All opinions are my own.

Don't get me wrong ...
I fully support the use of  "Do as I say, not what I do!", "Because I said so!" and "DO IT NOW DAMN IT!" negotiation tactics. After 21 years I'm at guru skill levels in defer and demand techniques, or to put it in terms my kids understand: If this approach was FPS game video game you'd all be dead. 

So why share this? And what's the The Dailey Method 30 Day Challenge connection?
Well because I have noticed a pattern of late. With Thing 1's classes done, and no summer job (yet!) we find ourselves spending day after day together. I spend my day "encouraging" him to put the electronics away, and do something. I regularly catch myself telling him (okay yelling at him) "You can't spend all day on your computer!" "It's a beautiful day! Get out of bed and get outside! Go for a walk or a bike ride!" followed by "DO IT NOW DAMN IT!" 

While not ideal, this story is hardly news worthy. Right?! 
Wait up, not so fast! As the days go by I realize I'm "telling" him this from behind my laptop. A computer I spend a large part of the day behind. I know it's a nice day because I saw the weather report on the morning news, and I'm yelling this slouched over my laptop on my bed, or the couch. A little voice inside my head started to say "You get up, you get outside! You go for a walk or a bike ride!" and "You can't spend all day on your computer!" followed by "DO IT NOW DAMN IT!". 

Yes folks, it's time for me to walk the walk. 
So I accepted the offer to participate in TDM Ottawa's #DoItDailey30 June Challenge, and I also accepted on Thing 1's behalf. Together we're going to get out of bed, get outside, get some exercise and balance in our lives, bond over our shared experience, and we're going to "DO IT NOT DAMN IT!". 
Did I mention we get those cool grippy socks! 

So as of June 1st, 
You'll find us trying as many classes as possible (I'm signing Thing 1 up for all the really hard spin and cycle classes ... what?!? I need some pics for my blog posts). And as always, I'll be a loving supportive mother ... encouraging Thing 1 to "Go faster! and DO IT NOW DAMN IT!"
My plan for myself is to start out with the Daily Gentle 3 times a week, plus at least 1 other class such as the Daily Basics or Daily Barre on the weekends. 
My plan for Thing 1 is for him to do those classes with me and at least 1 Cycle class a week. 
We may find Thing 1 prefers Cycle classes to Barre, but we'll adjust as we go. Who knows by the end of June he may even convinced his Mom to try a Cycle class.

So wish us luck in our quality time adventure, and our quest to find more balance in life. Be sure to follow our journey on social media using the hashtag # DoItDailey30

For more information about The Dailey Method Ottawa take a peak at their website, or follow them on twitter, facebook, and instagram

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about first steps to better fitness and walking the walk. 

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