Tuesday 27 June 2017

Diary of an Unfit Mom @tdmottawa #DoItDailey30 Day #FitnessChallenge #Ad

Dear Diary ...

What have I done! I've agreed to participate in a 30 day fitness challenge, AND share my journey with the world via my blog and social media! 

Disclosure: Both my son and I received a month of unlimited classes at The Dailey Method Ottawa 
to facilitate our participation in the June #DoItDailey30 Challenge. All opinions are my own.

Dear Diary, it's official, I've lost my mind ... 
It took years for me to share pictures of myself on social media. Hell, I can only find myself in a handful of family photos for almost two decades. I call those my proof of life photos, so there is some proof that I exist and I'm part of something. I chose to hide behind the camera taking pictures rather than be in them. So what in God's name am I doing in a group photo in tights!?! Yes, they are fabulous tights, but they're still tights, and they do not hide the fact there is more of me to love than the others participating in the June Dailey Method fitness challenge. 

Dear Diary, I signed up for a trial barre class ...

I signed up to try a Dailey Gentle barre class at The Dailey Method Ottawa, which is "ideal for those looking for a slower paced, more nurturing barre experience". That definitely describes me. If I'm honest I felt self conscious about my level of fitness, my weight, and lack of fabulous tights. But I ignored my instinct to run and an hour later had proudly finished my first barre class. 
I learned 6 things from Sarah (owner) in that first class:

  • "Gentle doesn't mean easy." 
  • Sarah yelling "YES YOU CAN!" right when you think you can't actually works.
  • I'm willing to work hard for an hour for a 5 second "final release", which in the first class consisted of Sarah applying pressure to my shoulders. Those 5 seconds felt as good as any hour relaxation massage I've had. 
  • MELT is some crazy magic that somehow gives a tiny blue ball the power to take away stiffness in my hands, the pain in the arches of my feet, and even make my sore hips feel better.  
  • I love sticky bottom socks ... I don't think I'll be able to settle for just one pair.
  • Lastly I need to get myself some fabulous tights I feel good wearing, that are fitted so I can better see my alignment in the mirror.  

Dear Diary, further proof of my insanity ... 
I said yes to the #DoItDailey30 challenge. Tonight I'm off to meet and greet the other Ottawa bloggers participating in the June fitness challenge. I've bought myself some funky flowered tights, but I'm still feeling self conscious about having my picture taken in tights and a skin tight (not in a good way) Do It Dailey tank top, that will definitely be shared on social media. Me in tights shared on social media is WAY out of my comfort zone, but not wanting to appear to be a spoil-sport, I sucked in my gut, put a smile on my face, and prayed others would be kind with the filters and cropping. 

Now that I've very publicly announced to the world I'm participating in a 20 classes in 30 days challenge at The Dailey Method Ottawa, I don't think I can handle wearing the cone of shame by backing out. Besides I'm doing it with Thing 1, and what kind of example would I set if I quit. Barre class, sacrum, and back dancing sound fancy but in many ways it's the opposite of fancy. The classes really bring you back to basics, focusing on form and alignment, and using very little apparatus other than a barre, a mat, a ball, hand weights and a yoga strap. That's all that is needed regardless of the level of barre class to get a good workout, and strengthen your muscles and body. 

Dear Diary, the challenge begins ...

We had a bit of a rocky start to the challenge with app issues, which made us tardy for our first class. Did I mention I'm doing this with my son aka Thing 1? The Dailey Barre class was bigger then the Gentle, and full, so we couldn't find room for our mats, and all I could hear is the not so quiet voice in my head yelling "What the hell were you thinking! Grab your stuff and run, never to return!" I did not listen to that voice, and instead a very nice staff member helped to find room for our mats, and I finished my first Dailey Barre class. 
I learned 4 things from my first Dailey Barre class:

  • The error of my ways in regards to the TDM app, and how to fix the issue.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before class, to avoid a mental breakdown.
  • There is a big difference in the size, difficulty level, and speed between the Dailey Gentle and the Dailey Barre class. 
  • The Dailey Barre classes (for me) are really hard, but "YES I CAN!"

Dear Diary, I'm like the little (or not so little) engine that could ...

Don't be fooled by the name of the class. I know that Candlelit Gratitude Barre Class sounds all Zen and a-u-m inspiring, but it's not! It was the hardest class I've done. I think they turn down the lights so they can't see my tears. I literally thought I was going to cry at one point, first because my muscles were screaming STOP TORTURING US! and then out of shear joy that the hold had ended. I was more than a bit surprised I lasted the entire hour. Even more surprising is I went back for another one the following week. If I can do this, truly anyone can. The key to success is to go at your own pace, be mindful of your alignment, and if you have questions, ask. The staff are open, engaging, knowledgeable and willing to help either after class or in your free one-on-one session. 
I learned 5 things from my first Candlelit Gratitude Barre Class:

  • Candles do not mean sleepy time.
  • Misery must really love company, because having Ann (KickAss Living) and Thing 1 suffer through "the hardest class ever!" is way more fun than doing it on my own.
  • You can easily experience runners high after this barre class.
  • Stephanie put some magical spell on us, because both Ann and I went back for more. All joking aside, we both feel really proud of our accomplishments after each of Stephanie's classes.
  • Hard holds, shaking, and pushing a bit further is okay and very different than pain or injury.

Dear Diary, I like being a collector of stars ...

These ladies are fabulous support and a source of encouragement to me.

I'm starting to be a regular in Meghan's classes.

As I reach the half way mark of the challenge I have 12 stars on the challenge board. Each one represents an hour of hard work and commitment. (Just for the record Stephanie's Candlelit Gratitude Class should be worth 2 stars! I'm grateful I can still walk after that.) I'm starting to get to know the regulars, and feel as if I belong here. Meghan sees me the most for either her Gentle or Basics classes. I love her positive vibe, and have more than once attended a class I thought I was too tired to do when I discovered she was the instructor. More than the sense of accomplishment each star gives me, I've noticed subtle changes in my abilities and my body. With each class I can hold a little longer, or push a little further. My posture is better, and my shoulders and back have less stiffness, or aches and pains. Same goes for my hips. My flexibility and balance are better. And on my 10th class I held a tabletop plank (no knees) for 30 seconds! I feel better, sleep better, and I believe my arm wings may be a little less wingy with each class I do, so yes I like being a collector of stars.
I learned 8 things on my star collecting adventure so far:

  • Around class 3 that I learned you needed to sign in. Apparently some loving soul had been doing this for me, and it wasn't until Ann asked if I had signed in did I realize I needed to. 
  • A group of friends and a support group like Ann (KickAss Living), Julie (Try Small Things), Danika (BusyGirlHealth), and even Thing 1 make staying motivated so much easier.
  • Having a few new tights and tops make a classes with mirrors everywhere more enjoyable.
  • I do not glow ... I ugly sweat. 
  • I can do more than I think ... Yes I Can!
  • Planks are hard! 
  • On a hot day the best spot in the class is under the ceiling fan.
  • Age, weight, and being unfit are not acceptable excuses for not trying The Dailey Method. The Gentle Barre class 3 days a week is doable. (Did I mention there is a promo on right now?

Dear Diary, I'm afraid of the cycle ...

One of my goals is to do at least one cycle class before the end of the challenge. Like the Candlelit Gratitude class, I am not fooled by the peaceful music and dimmed lights. I'm afraid the seats will hurt. I'm afraid I can't do it, and will have to do the walk of shame 5 minutes after the class starts. I'm afraid I won't be able to walk for a week after the class. But ... at the beginning of the challenge I was afraid of having my picture taken in tights, and I was afraid I couldn't do a barre class, far less 20 of them. More and more I'm taking the feel the fear, and do it anyways approach to life. So dear diary you never know, I may just surprise you and spin my way to my next star. 
Other things I've learned:

  • Danika, and Julie are fast becoming my heroes ... enduring Jamie's cycle and/or barre classes. He looks all sweet and mild mannered, but I've heard him teaching a barre class, and he's no joke. Of course I mean that in the nicest of ways Jamie, and hope to someday graduate to "Jamie" class level.
  • Ann is a trouper! Taking Do It Dailey to Do It Twice Dailey! 
  • Each day there are more people I see regularly at classes. First it was eye contact, then a friendly smile, now a hello or a short comment or conversation. 
  • Some have a constellation of stars, and are literally Doing It Dailey. I'm so impressed with their dedication and commitment. I hope they reap all sorts of benefits, both body and soul as a reward for all their hard work. 

You can find out more about The Dailey Method Ottawa, their classes, and the current promo on their website, or follow them on facebook, twitter, and instagram for updates and news. And for updates on the challenge follow the #DoItDailey30 hashtag.

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud to Dear Diary about the #DoItDailey30 challenge.

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  1. And what fabulous tights they are! Good on you for getting out there and challenging yourself. You should be so proud. Won't find me in tights. Well, I guess I should never say never...

    Looking forward to reading about all your successes.

    Besos Sarah.