Wednesday 31 January 2018

18 Netflix Original Series to Stream in 2018 (#Ad) #Streamteam Netflix_CA

18 for 2018 

You'll want to add these Netflix Original Series to your 2018 What to Watch List. 

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Limiting myself to just 18 Netflix Original series for this list was a tough task. Both the quality and quantity of the content Netflix is creating is outstanding. These 18 are sure to get you started, but don't feel you need to limit yourself when there are so many binge-worthy options. 

So much drama ...
There is literally so much great TV drama for you to watch this year! These are just a few examples of the many Netflix Original drama series currently available to stream. 
1) Atypical (2017, TV-MA, 1 season) 
Sam, a teenager on the autism spectrum has decided he's ready to date. The problem is his family doesn't seem quite there yet, about his dating or his demands for more independence.  
2) Girlboss (2017, TV-MA, 1 season)
She's quirky, creative and her own boss. Now if only she can just resist being her own worst enemy and sabotaging what she has created. 
3) Gypsy (2017, TV-MA, 1 season)
I found this psychological thriller to be disturbing on so many levels, yet I couldn't seem to look away. I think therapist Jean Holloway could use some therapy of her own. 
4) Grace and Frankie (2018, TV-MA, season 4 recently added) New Episodes
News Flash: Age Is Only A Number! And Grace and Frankie are proof. Unfortunately those around them, and sometimes their bodies, have yet to hear news.

Out of this world ... 
If you are a sci-fi or fantasy fan then Netflix has you covered in 2018. Whether you're into zombies, vampires, aliens or some other supernatural occurrences Netflix has something for everyone.   
5) Black Lightning (2018, TV-14, 1 season with new episodes added weekly) New Series
School principal and retired superhero Jefferson Piece is faced with some tough decisions about his family, school, community and his retirement status. 
6) Glitch (2015, TV-MA, 2 seasons)
People aren't suppose to return from the dead, and definitely not six of them! I think we can agree that is sure to throw anyone for a loop. 
7) The Mist (2017, TV-MA, 1 season)
It's not the fog that's the problem, so much as the terrifying visions and creatures it hides. (This series is based on a Stephen King novella.)
8) Colony (2017, TV-14, 2 seasons) New Episodes
Just how far would you go to protect the ones you love? In this near-future series former FBI Agent Will Bowman will have to answer that question, as tries to keep his family safe and all together. 
9) Van Helsing (2017, TV-MA, season 2  recently added) New Episodes
Vanessa Helsing wakes from a 5-year coma finding herself in a vampire nightmare, and to learn her vampire immune blood makes her very likely humanity's last hope. (No pressure there, I'm sure.)
10) Altered Carbon (2018, TV-MA, 1 season) Season 1 coming February 2nd, 2018. New Series
"After 250 years on ice, a prisoner returns to life in a new body with one chance to win his freedom: by solving a mind-bending murder" 

Crime and Punishment ... 
The saying goes, "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time", but is it really that black and white? These Netflix Original series clearly show it's complicated, messy and grey. 
10) Wanted (2017, TV-14, 2 seasons) 
After being framed for a murder they witnessed, total strangers Lola and Chelsea become fugitives and "partners in crime" so to speak.
11) Retribution (2016, TV-PG, 1 season, recently added) Recently Added
"A dark web of secrets and lies emerges when a newlywed couple is killed and detectives question their feuding families."
12) Manhunt:Unabomber (2017, TV-14, 1 season)
FBI Profiler Jim "Fitz" Fitzgerald is trying to catch the Unabomber, but in order to do that he'll need to find support within the FBI Unabom Task Force (UTF) for his new approach to profiling.     
13) Mindhunter (2017, TV-MA, 1 season)
FBI Profilers Holden Ford and Bill Tench attempt to catch murderers and serial-killers by first understanding how they think. Hoping to "get in the mind" of murders they get up-close-and-personal with some of the most notorious murders incarcerated at the time. Their work in this area of criminal science is the basis for current serial-killer profiling. 
14) Seven Seconds (2018, TV-MA, 1 season) Season 1 coming February 23, 2018. New Series
The search for the truth about the death of a 15-year-old African American boy killed by a Jersey City cop has tensions running high between the African American community and the Jersey City Police.    

Made me laugh ... 
Sometimes all you can do is laugh at life and all it throws all you. These are just a sampling of the Netflix Original comedy series that will keep you in stitches in 2018.
15) The End of the FxxxING World (2017, TV-MA, 1 season, dark comedy) Recently Added
Be warned this is not a lighthearted comedy, and definitely not appropriate for younger viewers. It is a story about what happens when two teens -- James a self-diagnosed psychopath and Alyssa the rebellious new girl at school -- decide a road trip to find Alyssa's real father is a good idea.    
16) Friends from College (2017, TV-MA, 1 seas0n)
A group of friends who met at Harvard reconnect as they approach their 40's only to find that their complicated and interwoven relationships aren't any less so 20 years later.  
17) American Vandal (2017, TV-MA, 1 season, dark comedy) Recently Added
This true-crime satire begins after someone vandalizes 27 Hanover High School faculty members' cars by spray-painting phallic images on them. Dylan Maxwell, who claims he's innocence is expelled for the crime, prompting a student-filmmaker to investigate the controversial crime, suspect and penalty.  
18) Disjointed (2018, TV-MA, 2 parts) New Series
Ruth Whitefeather runs a medical marijuana dispensary called Ruth's Alternative Caring with the help of her 20-something son, and a security guard. As you can imagine the three of them get up to all sorts of "high" joints jinks. 

This year I plan to add shows not in my usual or go-to genres to "My List". For me that includes adding more shows from the psychological thrillers, and sci-fi/fantasy categories. How about you? What's on your "What to Watch" list for 2018? Will you be considering shows from genres or with themes you may not have in the past? 

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Yep, just me Cathy thinking about learning this year.  

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  1. I keep stopping at Retribution but I have yet to click on it to watch but it is definitely of interest for me. I loved watching Friends from College - the show had me laughing a lot. Great list of shows you have collected here some I need to check out.