Monday 24 February 2014

Stacking Produce Boxes: #Recycle to Vertically Store & Dry Wet Artwork #GreenIdeas #BeingGreen

Attention: Crafters, DIYers, Parents, Caregivers and Teachers.

Recycle stacking produce boxes to save space and vertically store wet artwork and DIY projects while they dry. 

Here is a great space saving way to vertically store wet paint or glue artwork, or projects to dry. Turn recycled stacking produce boxes into art and project stations.

Have children do their craft or project right in the box on top of a table or desk to save time on clean up and make it easy.

Then stack boxes while the project dries. The side holes on the boxes allow air to circulate for fast drying times. Put student's names on the side of the boxes, so you and the kids can easily identify whose work is in each box. Kids can store the craft tools and materials needed to complete the project in the box as well. Bonus: Makes it easier for kids to quickly take out and put away their own work.

This also works great for your own projects, such as small painting projects, or DIY projects that require several days to finish, or dry between steps.

For more green ideas click on the blog BEING GREEN tab, or check out my Recycle and Green Ideas Pinterest Board.

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about being green.

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