Monday 3 February 2014

Three Ways to Reuse 2-Litre Plastic Soda Bottles #greenideas

Three Ways to Repurpose and Reuse 2-Litre Soda Bottles

Plastic bottles are everywhere and hard to avoid these days. But instead of just recycling them I like to find ways to reuse or repurpose plastics bottles. They can always be recycled later. 

Here are a few ideas to reuse plastic soda bottles with your plants and in the garden.

via Gardening World.Org
via DIY Simply Made
If you have other ideas for using plastic soda bottles in the garden, 
please share them in the comments section. I would love your feedback.

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Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about being green.

Note: You can find instructions and full details in the link underneath each image. (Image via site linked to image)


  1. I love these Cathy. I am saving my husband's two litres to put over my plants in case of frost.

    1. Glad you likes the ideas Sheri! I can't believe how many great ones there are out there. I will have to share some more in the future. Thanks for reading and commenting. I is very much appreciated!

  2. Love that sprinkler idea! That would be great for watering roots too, with lower water pressure.

    1. Thanks for the comment Dani. Not only can the kids play in the sprinkler it is great for smaller areas and to stick into middle of garden to water. I sent you a tweet with another idea I saw where you bury the bottle with only top out, and fill from there with water. Water slowly gets to the roots and deeper into soil. Great for tomatoes.