Monday 8 December 2014

My #Tech Toy Story: From Pizza Planet to @KingstonTech #Mobiltelite #Wireless G2

Kingston Technology's #MobileliteWirelessG2: It's Like Magic! 

KINGSTON TECHNOLOGY Mobilelite Wireless G2

Once upon a time ...
 there was a very cool Mom and Dad and their sometimes evil, but generally not teen boys. That family is mine, and this is our Tech Toy Story. It's safe to say my family has a bit of tech. Each of us have at least three Wi-Fi enabled devices, and demand for internet access is constant and persistent. My husband (our designated IT Guy) may have grown a tad bit sick of constantly setting and debugging connections when travelling and on road trips. 

Being a problem solver, many years ago, while I planned the details of a family road trip, he was busy in his laboratory building a Frankenstein contraption that 

bundled together two Wi-Fi routers, a hard drive and a DC to AC converter. 

All the toys in toyland could now connect to the one router (affectionately referred to as Pizza Planet). When we stopped at a hotel or restaurant he would link the second router to the available free Wi-Fi. 

It was a miracle! What a clever man I married ...
unless of course I turned off the car, resulting in Pizza Planet going radio silent causing Thing 1 and Thing 2 (aka EVIL Teens) to awaken and turn their boredom and bottled up energy on their delightful, ever-patient and long-suffering parents (aka Mr. and Mrs. Wonderful).

Overall it all worked well (I'd expect nothing less from Mr. Wonderful), but it was bulky, and he did look at bit sketchy walking through hotel lobbies with his piece of plywood covered in electronics and wires. Once in the hotel room Mr. Wonderful would go to work hooking up Pizza Planet for all to use. 

It was especially useful in hotels which only allowed a single device to attach to their wireless network (that's so 2010),

 or worse would have a single Ethernet port (whatever that is) hidden somewhere under a desk. Either way Pizza Planet to the rescue; a single connection to the internet provided by the hotel and all the devices were automatically connected. Mr. Wonderful you're our hero!

Fast forward five years ...

 Kingston Technology has somehow managed to stuff all the magic of Pizza Planet, and then some into a tiny device. 

(I wonder if REX had something to do with this?) 
And BONUS it has a built in battery, 
so no fear of poking the hornet's nest (aka evil teens) like when turning off the car would disconnect Pizza Planet. Just for the record evil teens this is the definition of  first world problems. 

The multi-tasking Mobilelite Wireless G2 allows you to charge your devices, connect them, share photos and data between them, and use the wireless router to talk to other devices connected to your Mobilelite. 

It's easy to use (even for the tech-challenged like myself); simply download the Mobilelite app from iTunes or Google Play, and connect the devices you want to access with the Mobilelite G2.  

Specs for the Kingston Mobiltelite Wireless G2:

Image via Kingston Technology 
For updates and all the news Kingston Tech on Twitter and KingstonTech on Facebook 

As we approach the holidays and start thinking of the perfect gift and the long road trip to visit family might I suggest you gift yourself the Kingston Tech Mobilelite Wireless G2, it's like magic.

Do you travel during the holidays? What are your tips for staying connected and merry?

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about our TOY STORY.

Note: I received a Kingston Technology Mobilelite Wireless G2 for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own and reflect my personal experience with the brand and product.


  1. We sure have come a long way. Remember the days where computers took up entire rooms or buildings for that matter. I am the new owner of one of these devices and find it really useful as well.

    Besos Sarah.

  2. Lol, I can imagine the looks you guys got carrying that around! It's awesome that your husband knows how to do that and that it worked. He should've contacted Event Teck and got himself a patent at the time. You never know you could become a millionaire.