Monday 15 December 2014

Master of more than just toys! @MastermindToys #Barrhaven have mastered the art of customer service as well!

These days I'm not often WOWed by customer service, and I believe we often see the true colours of a brand or store when they deal with an issue or problem. How a brand or store resolves issues speaks volumes about them. 

In life things happen, and not everything runs smoothly all the time. I understand that, and in general I am accepting of an honest mistake. It is unlikely I would stop shopping somewhere because of a single mistake if it is resolved quickly, professionally, and keeping in mind my time is valuable. 

It's important to me that there is at least an acknowledgement and stated understanding that part of "making it right" may very well involve compensating me for my time and frustration. This acknowledgement should come from the brand or store not because it has been pointed out to them but because it is the right thing to do.

Speaking from a strictly business perspective it is cheaper to keep me as a customer than to win me back. So the smart way to keep me as a loyal customer is to resolve issues in a way that makes me want to be a loyal customer because I can count on that service not only as I open my wallet, but afterwards as well. 

Image via Mastermind Toys

I have shopped at Mastermind Toys for years. I have always loved the variety and quality of the toys I found there. I grew up in the Great Toronto Area (GTA), but have lived in Ottawa for years. Most of my family still lives in the GTA so I often shopped at Mastermind Toys when visiting family.

Image via Mastermind Toys 
They carry all the kid's favourites like Lego.

Image via Mastermind Toys

Recently Mastermind Toys has opened several stores in the Ottawa area! This was exciting news for me, and BONUS I happen to win a gift card as part of the Barrhaven Store Grand Opening Celebration. When I went into the store to pick up the gift card, I had the pleasure to briefly chat with the Store Manager, Ruth.

Fast forward several months ...
 I go to use my gift card, and for whatever reason it is not working. I call the store and Ruth is in and she resolves the issue quickly and professionally leaving me feeling very good about the whole experience. She understood and acknowledged the error, apologized and took care of it. It did not involve me driving to the store, or giving me a number to call and wait on hold to resolve a issue that was not of my doing. There was no jumping through hoops to get it resolved, just good old fashioned customer service. Ruth respected and valued my time, and me as a customer, and made one little boy very happy. 

I am quite happy to have gotten an opportunity to chat and get to know Ruth better. I felt she really was making every effort to make this as easy, quick and painless as possible. I am always happy to share with others about great service, and support local businesses, but rarely do I end up taking the time to give a shout to the people that make a business special. That is something I hope to change starting with a big shout out to Ruth! Thank you for all your help!

So if you haven't been to Mastermind Toys in Barrhaven (Ottawa) you should definitely make a point to visit, and while you are there say hi to Ruth and tell her Cathy sent you!

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about excellent customer service.

Note: I was not compensated in any way for this post. It is merely a thank you to Ruth and her excellent service. It is much appreciated.


  1. I agree with you 100% Cathy! Although, I have not had the good fortune if speaking with Ruth, I have worked with 2 of Mastermind Toys on blog promotions and their professionalism as well as generosity is amazing! Until this year I had never heard of this store, there is not one in my area but before I look anywhere I else I always check on their website first because I know without a doubt that I will receive the type if service that I know as a consumer I deserve.

  2. Sorry for all the typos on my previous comment... I really need to learn to proof read when I'm typing on my phone.

  3. Thanks so much for your kind words! Really appreciate it!

  4. I couldn't agree with you more Cathy! It takes REAL customer service to keep the customers coming back. It was very nice of Ruth to fix things up for you and I know that little will be happy.