Wednesday 17 December 2014

Tis the season to get into #HolidayMode & connect with loved ones! Here are #CTOL & @TELUS Mode Switch (off) Tips!

We all love our tech, and even Moms like me are big fans of their smartphone for convenience, to stay connected, shopping and social media. I might even be a bit addicted to 2048...what?!

But as the holiday hustle and bustle, parties and visits begin it's easy to forget to slow down, unplug and focus on connecting with family and friends in a meaningful way. This is a time to create memories not just tweet about them.

We have a rule in our house:

In our house we eat dinner together everyday, and meals are a time to connect, talk and be social 
(not by way of social media, but face to face). Conversations are open for all to join in, and share. If you need a one on one conversation the dinner table is not the place. 
My kids actually quote me "it social time so I can share my opinion" or "you shouldn't have brought it up at the table if you didn't want us all to talk about it."

I admit my kids need a reminder from time to time about this rule, especially if you are dining out or visiting where the conversation is adult focused. I personally believe the art of conversation and listening are skills best perfected through practice while free of technology. But for those who can't completely unplug here are a few ideas to at least use your tech to bring family and friends together.

Are you wondering if you need to unplug more and get into #HolidayMode?

Image via TELUS

If the answer is yes then maybe it is time to check out some of the
 TELUS Tips & Tricks for a perfect #HolidayMode

Image via TELUS

Be sure to share your #HolidayMode plans, ideas, experiences, photos, and your successes or fails (we know you will do better next time) on twitter with me @CantonCathy and @TELUS using the hashtag #HolidayMode. I would love to read all your stories and shares!

Happy Holidays 

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about getting into Holiday Mode.

Note: I have not been compensated for this post. I love the idea of finding ways to better connect with friends and family over the holidays, and thought this TELUS campaign was worth sharing with my readers.

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