Wednesday 11 November 2015

Nov 11- #RememberanceDay: Remembering 365 Days A Year...

Poppies by Benoit Aubry of Ottawa

I admit I am sentimental and my kids would say easily brought to tears. I am proud to be Canadian, and every year on Remembrance Day I attend the school assembly or watch the ceremonies on TV, and predictably when I see the older veterans in their uniforms, blankets wrapped around them while they stoically stand or sit in chairs or wheelchairs often in the rain or the snow, I cry. They make me proud, when they humbly tell their stories of bravery and service. It always makes me sad, that no matter how good life after war has been, the clocks can never be turned back. They cannot unremember, or unsee what they have seen and experienced. No one comes out of such experiences untouched or unchanged... 
(Originally posted to Cathy Thinking Out Loud - Nov 11th, 2014)

Cathy thinking out loud about honouring, remembering and Remembrance Day.

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