Monday 11 January 2016

Seven #Tactics for Embracing Yes in 2016. #PARTICIPATE:This Year's Word.

Tactics to Disable the Automatic No and Embrace the Hell Yes!

My Word for 2016:

In real life (IRL) I stick to the sidelines, rather than actively partaking in social activities and interactions. I have an innate "automatic-no" response to invitations, opportunities and commitments. The mental energy required to get from decision making stage to an event is exhausting, so it's easier to decline or opt for default mode; delay long enough that my indecision makes the decision for me. 
But this is the year I participate with purpose!

Currently Event Itinerary and Activities:
Pre-Event Stressors:
RSVP for event, get directions, investigate parking and wi-fi availability, decide what to wear and what to bring, worry about if I'll know anyone ...

During Event Stressors: 

  • Is there wi-fi? Do I need a wi-fi code? Where do I get wi-fi code? Crap I can't get wi-fi to work.
  • Where and who should I sit with? Is there a friendly non-sharp pointy teeth looking group or table to meld into.
  • Do I know anyone? If I do, can I remember their names? I'm great with faces and details, but terrible with names. Awkward if you have to introduce them, so I usually opt just not to, and look rude. I can hardly say I know we've met 5 times but I still can't remember your name. 
  • Pushing myself to make "cold call" introductions and crash conversations; followed by my go to remedy for dealing with nerves; talk incessantly at the speed of sound filling all uncomfortable (usually only for me) gaps in conversation with babble. 
Quick Question:
 How the hell do others take pictures, jot down deep and meaningful insights, then share said pictures and insights on social media in real time; all while eating and looking all chill and relaxed. Me, I'm usually still trying to find out what the wi-fi code is, and deciding whether going up (again) for coffee and scooby-snacks will make me look like a piggy.

Post-Event Stressors and Self Reprimands:
Just because the event is over doesn't mean the fun is. I still have nights spent lying awake replaying all the interactions, and analysing the things I did wrong, or could have done differently or better. 
Hindsight is 20-20. 

Nope, not done yet:
Then comes the self-reprimands for the previous self-reprimands. No need to confuse with facts or determine if my assumptions have any basis in reality. Instead presume the worst, and proceed immediately to switching internal dialogue to angry resentful screw-you response mode, thereby justify my new found commitment to never attending another event. 
Self Fulfilling Prophecy? 

New Year and Some New Tactics to Improve Participation: 

I'm switching off Autopilot No and will be manually and mindfully navigating towards the Hell Yes! The itinerary has been updated with participate is the main destination,
Included in this personalized travel package are the following Just Say Yes adventures:

  • Actively seek out and participate in at least 6 events, conferences or workshops this year.
  • Initiate group membership rather than waiting to be asked.
  • Say yes to at least two opportunities, or event/project leadership roles despite feeling anxious about skill set or expertise to complete them successfully. (In other words go get the skills and expertise required)
  • Pick two topics you have very little knowledge about and research them enough to write a How To or Tips Guide post for each topic. 
  • Find a topic you're knowledgeable and passionate about and put together a 15-20 minute presentation or workshop on the topic. (submitting or pitching it is optional - baby steps)
  • Create and upload at least one (a first for me) YouTube video. 
  • Broadcast at least once on Periscope.
Moving out of my comfort zone may require some faking it till I make it, but I think many of these tactics can be combined with my strategies to overcome blogger burnout

What strategies do you use to embrace yes?

I happened to stumble across this post while writing mine. 

Cheers to the New Year!
May it hold many wonderful adventures and memory making opportunities. 

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about participating in 2016.

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