Friday 24 February 2017

Netflix-Cheating Excuse #46: "I was liaising between you and the show" #Ad #Streamteam @Netflix_CA

I wasn't cheating! I was acting as liaison between you and that show. 

... and Other Netflix-Cheating Excuses.

As a Netflix Streamteam member I receive special perks for my participation. All opinions are my own.

Who? Why? Where? When?

The above infographic clearly shows if you're a cheater cheater netflixing pumpkin eater, you're not alone. And really is a "lie by omission" really a lie, or merely a tiny oversight on your part to disclose you accidentally watched a show you promised to watch together? 

Sometimes a well executed apology is your best approach: 
Since realistically the majority of Netflix-Cheaters can expect to eventually get caught, brushing up on a heartfelt apology before hand just makes good sense. As can be seen by Michael Bolton's video there are many ways in which to personalize your apology. 

Hypothetically (don't hold your breath) these Netflix-Cheating excuses might also work:

  • I derived no pleasure from it, but as liaison it's my job. 
  • I'm a Netflix gigolo and currently looking into rehab options. 
  • It's not my fault, it was an accident. 
  • The devil made me do it.
  • You can trust me ... honest.
  • Did I? That's weird because I don't remember watching it? Are you sure?
  • I'll never do it again.

But chances are they will be met with this type of response:
  • Your position as liaison as been rendered redundant, and your services in this regard are no longer needed. 
  • I heard you're a player. Well hello player player, I'm the coach and you're benched! I'm looking for a Netnogomous* relationship, and clearly this isn't it.
  • An accident?! An accident is falling off your bike. Nobody trips and accidentally hits play on Netflix for an entire episode. 
  • Then you should be in a Streamationship** with the Devil not me! 
  • Just because you didn't tell me, doesn't mean I won't find out. I have spidey senses.
  • Now you're just insulting my intelligence pretending you didn't do it. Who are you? Shaggy? What's next a personal rendition of "It Wasn't Me"?
  • That's what you said last time, and the time before that. I grow bored with your lies. 
  • "Some people create their own storms and then get mad when it rains." and to clarify by some people I mean you.
*Netnogamous: A monogamous streaming relationship. 
**Streamationship: A close relationship between two people based on and related to viewing streaming and watching Netflix together.

Hacks for Netflix-Cheating:
Having said all that, if you're still intent on Netflix-Cheating the video below may be helpful since it's filled with hacks and tips for successfully Netflix-Cheating. 

A final note to Netflix-Cheaters:
If you're going to Netflix-Cheat make sure it's with a show that's truly worthy. Close your eyes, and just for a minute imagine your netnogamous* partner gave you a 24 hour "hall pass" ... what one show above all others do you consider binge worthy enough to use that "hall pass" on? That one show passes the "hall pass" test and is truly worthy. Personally I'd use my "Hall Pass" on Sherlock or Spotless.  

 Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about Netflix and "Hall Passes". 

Disclosure: As a member of the Netflix Streamteam I receive special perks for my participation, posts and sharing. All opinions are my own.

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