Saturday 4 January 2014


Yesterday two of my Facebook friends posted a Pay-It-Forward message on Facebook! (see below). They were Paying It Forward from posts they had seen or were inspired by! I hear this has been happening all over Facebook in the past few days! 

What a lovely idea! Why not share some of the items you have been lucky enough to win, or have extra of. What about investing $25 to buy 5 assorted Gift Cards and another $5 in postage and make 5 lucky people's day when they receive it in the mail! I am planning my Pay-It-Forward surprises now and I can't wait to surprise and add a bit of fun to someone's day! 

Go ahead Pay-It-Forward. 
I bet you get as much out of giving as receiving! 
Happy New Year! and here is to the best 2014 ever! 

(via Tammy D Facebook - Jan.3rd)
"It's that time again!! Pay-It-Forward 2014: The 1st five friends to comment on this status that they want to play will receive from me, sometime in this calendar year, a random gift... It will be a total surprise! Maybe it will be a candle, jewelry, gift card, movie, collectable figurine, food, kitchen stuff, home decor, who knows?? There will be NO warning and it will be sent whenever the mood strikes! So, what's the catch? If you decide to participate you MUST make this same offer on YOUR page and get five people to randomly gift too.
If you're one of my five, I will confirm by liking your comment and asking for your mailing address in a PM. No double-ups though, aka spouses
So, please if you're not going to follow through, don't commit to it!!
This is supposed to be fun and give us a treat in the mailbox vs bills bills bills and junk mail!! Haha! Sure this will go fast!"


  1. I'm in for paying it forward! What a great way to give back :) I love doing random acts of kindness!

  2. That is so fun! Who wouldn't love getting real mail that isn't a bill!

  3. :) Thanks for mentioning me Cathy! I'm planning my surprises as well & can't wait to send them out.I thought this was a cute idea and decided to act on it right away! I believe that if just one of the people I help does the same for another person then it has made a difference to the world.

  4. Cathy this is such an excellent idea! I am still catching up on this info on Facebook that you tagged me in but what a great idea. Random acts of kindess are the best - makes you really feel like there are people out there who care about you. Not to mention mail like that can really make a day :)

  5. I love this idea. Thanks for sharing Cathy!