Tuesday 28 January 2014

The Colour Blue in all its beauty. #BellLetsTalk about it!

There has been lots of talk on social media and TV lately about increasing awareness, and initiatives around Mental Illness. I have listened to many stories of courage and strength, and some tragic stories of loss. January 28th is #BellLetsTalk Day. By tweeting with this hashtag today you will help to raise millions of dollars for Mental Health programs and initiatives in Canada. 
Recently I have been thinking a lot about the colour blue. Blue is the colour between green and violet on the colour wheel. Blue is also the colour associated with feeling melancholy, unhappy, and depressed.
I went on a search for beautiful blue things, and started a Pinterest Board called The Colour Blue. Take a minute to look at my collection and enjoy Blue in all its beauty, and here is hoping it leaves you feeling anything but Blue.
Then take a minute to tweet using the hashtag #BellLetsTalk so those feeling Blue get the support and services they need to see the colour Blue in all its beauty again.
Yep, just my Cathy thinking out loud about the colour blue.


  1. Blue is the sky. Blue is my daughter's eyes. Blue actually reduces stress and and creates calm. It is the most universally liked color that exists. Keep those tweets coming! #BellLetsTalk

  2. Blue is a calming colour and it is also a colour that reminds me of the outdoors and the sea and the ocean. It is a great initiative and I have been sharing all day. Too many people I know have been hit hard with devastating mental health issues. I hope for better understanding at all levels of service especially for children and seniors.

    1. Thanks for the lovely and thoughtful comment Paula. I was trying to "change the lens" and make people think, while still share something beautiful with them. Blue in all shapes and sizes and all beautiful. I love this initiative as well and love to see corporations investing and giving back!