Friday 25 April 2014

#EndtheSilence twitter chat on #mentalhealth & #mentalillness twice a month.

 then twice a month on the second and the last Sunday of every month at 9-10 pm, est. 
You see it all the time, news reports about campaigns and resources (or lack there of) for and about mental health. I see blogs about mental health, and blog posts by people I know sharing their highs and lows while struggling with mental illness. Although I personally have not had that struggle, I cannot help but be effected by the heartbreaking stories of others who suffer in silence. 

If you know me at on social media, or in real life, you will know that although you get a very good idea of who I am, you get very few private details. I rarely share the names of my family, or specific details about their lives such as their age, schools, or pictures. This is how my family wants it, and I respect that, and expect the same consideration in return. 

For the same reason I assumed a conversation about mental illness, and depression would result in people being reluctant to share personal details on a public forum like twitter. Recently, I participated in a twitter chat sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart - Run For Women  and Run For Women .ca about depression, and specifically the benefits of physical exercise in managing depression. As you know I don't share personal details, but I'm an expert sharer of information, so I shared and retweeted about this chat, along with many others. As the number of participants grew, so did the conversation about the struggles so many had, or were still having, and the benefits of a regular mental health chat. With the help of those listed above, and many others the plan is to host a twice monthly chat.

Our goal is to have open, honest dialogues that bust the myths, and share good information, resources, and support. Sometimes a kind word, or knowing one is not alone, and no longer needs to suffer in silence can change someones life.
This chat is open to all! 
You do not need to have personally experienced mental illness to participate. We all can share our knowledge, expertise, and support. This discussion has to be about more than mental illness, it must also include effective and proactive ways to better manage mental health. I believe we can all use some help and tips in that regard. 
So spread the word, and remember, the more who participate the greater the reach!

Please join the conversation or just follow our mental illness and health chats using the hashtag #endthesilence the second and last Sunday of each month at 9 pm est.  Chat hosts will rotate, as will the specific mental health topic discussed. 
Be sure to follow Matthew of  Answer the Tullyphone on twitter @TullyMan77 and myself Cathy of Cathy Thinking Out Loud  on twitter @CantonCathy for updates and information on chat topics. 

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about mental health and ending the silence.


  1. Fantastic idea and I can not wait until the first chat!

    1. Thanks for participating Ann. I think it went well and it will only get better!

  2. So so important to talk about mental illness and bring it out in the open and get people to feel comfortable talking about their mental health

  3. This is a serious issue and I am thankful that it will be taking over Twitter!

  4. This is a fantastic initiative! Stigma still exists, the more we insist on talking and sharing resources, the better for all.

  5. Twitter chat is a great idea, I agree all it takes is a kind word to change your day

  6. what a great initiative to start - awareness and getting issues out in the open are so important.