Monday 7 April 2014

Wed Apr 9th is National #WeDay in #Ottawa & thanks to @TELUS I'll be going!

I am so excited! 
Wednesday April 9th is National We Day in Ottawa, and I have been given the privilege to attend thanks to the generosity of TELUS.

First let me say that I have not been asked to write this post or compensated for my words. In fact I have not been asked or compensated for any of the posts I write about people, charities, campaigns, or initiatives. I write and share about people, events and sometimes brands I personally like or have impressed me. Often they do not know I have written posts about them until after they are published. You will always find a disclosure that clearly states if and how I have been compensated. That having been said, lets get move on to the good stuff.

I have spent most of my life volunteering in some way, and donating, time, money and materials. I do so both on a local level and in larger more global ways. I recycle, and compost, and feel strongly that we all owe a debt to society. We all need to care for those who can't care for themselves, and help those who cannot help themselves. We all have a responsibility to make our world a healthy and sustainable one. So you can see why We Act and We Day warms my heart each time I hear about them. 

I love how Free The Children started and continues to grow and give youth the power to make change. It gives youth an opportunity to be good citizens of the world. I love that is was started by Canadians but has such a global reach. I am blow away by the ideas, passion, dedication and talents our youth have. Each year We Day  lines up amazing speakers and guests, to inspire our youth, but more importantly it brings together an amazing group of kids that have earned their way to We Day through their acts of charity and eco-friendly initiatives. 

The We Act program provides students and teachers with materials and support to make our youth active citizens both on a local grassroots level, as well as in a global capacity. In fact We Day is all about small local actions and campaigns that have a positive global impact. It is important for our youth to feel empowered and that each person and act can make a meaningful difference no matter how small. It is important for us all to see that the cumulative impact of many small acts and individuals  is huge.

Maybe the most important impact that our youth and events like We Day have is to set an example for adults who may have become a bit jaded or cynical. To show us our actions matter, and like it or not the youth of today want a say in the world in which they live in, not just the job of cleaning up the earth we have left them with. 

My message to you is to take the time to talk to youth around you and in your lives, and ask them about what they are doing, believe in, and what is important to them. Support them in activities and initiatives that matter to them. Join in if you can. Be inspired by them to make change and take action yourself. Take the time to follow the many We Day activities throughout the year on social media such as We Day on Twitter .

Lastly take a minute to say thank you to brands such as Telus for the opportunities they support and make possible such as We Day, and the many charities such as Ride for Dad, Walk to Cure Diabetes, Tree Canada, to name a few. Why not participate in one of those events or in the TELUS on twitter activities such #31daysofgreen, #TelusDayofGiving, and the many WWF Canada and Telus Critter fun that goes on there and on the TELUS Facebook Page. Embrace their Motto: Give Where We Live, then watch the ripple effect it has.

I am so excited and hope I can share with you in a meaningful way, all the inspiration, passion, and good I have the privilege to bear witness to on Wednesday April 9th, 2014. In this regard I very much appreciate that Telus has been kind enough to provide me a cell phone with free data, since no wi-fi is available during the event, and thus making it possible for me to share the experience with my followers in real time. As well, I received a ticket for a youth of my choice to join me, so my friend's daughter will be joining me for this very special event. 

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about about National We Day in Ottawa.

Note: I have received from Telus a cell phone with free data to use since no wi-fi is available during the We Day event. It was not offered in exchange for any obligation on my part to post about this event or about Telus as a brand. All opinions are my own, and I wrote this post because I think We Day and the support of brands like Telus for such events is important and worthy of note.
 I am honoured to have been chosen for this incredible opportunity.


  1. Thank you for giving my daughter the opportunity of a life time. She will be a changed person after this event and I am so happy and honoured it is with you.

  2. Wow, what a great event. One of these days soon I will take my girls to this event. They are both already girls who try to change the world almost every day. Sometimes I worry they want to change it so much they put everyone else ahead of themselves. Great event - I hope to read more about it soon!

  3. I have to know!!

    Was it AMAZING? :D

    I have heard it is a very moving day. I would love to get to one!